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  1. Cruiser Bruiser

    Creative Director of new Cunard ship appointed

    I followed your good advice, and I'm glad to see that Tihany does have some diversity in his design repertoire. I'm especially glad to see that he can work with wood, a warm palette, and in a context that could easily be described as traditional. Not that Halifax needs those things necessarily, but Tihany's having some experience with those elements might reassure the traditional Cunard passenger. (I'm not one yet, but I'm aiming for 2021.)
  2. Cruiser Bruiser

    Creative Director of new Cunard ship appointed

    Thanks for that new-to-me tidbit. I'm booked on P&O's Iona (Sep 2020), which is an Excellence-class ship. I believe Princess has a few on order, too, after the final Royal-class is built.
  3. Cruiser Bruiser

    Nieuw Ryndam - third Pinnacle class ship's name?

    Perhaps we will get an announcement just before, or just after, Nieuw Statendam's launch at the end of the year.
  4. Cruiser Bruiser

    Creative Director of new Cunard ship appointed

    Halifax class (which I gleaned from the URL; aren't I a clever boy) will likely be Pinnacle class with an added deck or two. Pinnacle I-II are both 99.5k GT; Halifax will be 113k GT according to the above. Pinnacle carries 2,650 pax; Halifax is rated for 3,000. I share your concern that Halifax may be too close a cousin to Pinnacle. My fear is that Tihany may be too much of a one-trick pony. Solstice inspired Pinnacle which inspired Halifax?
  5. Cruiser Bruiser

    Nieuw Ryndam - third Pinnacle class ship's name?

    Pinnacle III was announced via the blog on January 20, 2017. I was convinced that there was a fourth on the books, but I must be confused with some other cruise line that likes to order in fours, like NCL. Just yesterday, Cunard announced that Adam D. Tihany, the chief designer of the Pinnacle trio would also be the lead designer of Cunard's Halifax class of ship. From the rendering, it looks like Pinnacle class, but its specs are bigger: 113K GT versus 99.5K GT for Pinnacle I-III; 3,000 pax versus 2,650 for Pinnacle I-III.
  6. Cruiser Bruiser

    Restaurant advice on Norwegian Epic

    Cagney's is likely my favorite NCL restaurant. Moderno, by contrast, is my least favorite. I get bothered past a certain point by the neverending march of waiters past the table. I much prefer set courses. Sent from my SM-G960U using Forums mobile app
  7. Cruiser Bruiser

    EPIC - Which pool area for Adult fun

    Spice H2O is a designated quiet zone with no music. The main pool has super loud music and bars. It's also where they have the organized activities. That's the place you're looking for. Sent from my SM-G960U using Forums mobile app
  8. Cruiser Bruiser

    Cabanas for Solo Cruisers

    I had a Lido cabana on Eurodam last December and I have one booked for my upcoming Thanksgiving cruise on NA. I think you will find that your requests will be honored. I was the only cabana that wanted the sparkling wine in the afternoons, so I got most of the bottle every day. The cabana boys are super friendly, and kindness and appreciation go along way. Sent from my SM-G960U using Forums mobile app
  9. Cruiser Bruiser

    Over the top on the Maasdam ..........

    Norwegian also had a Freestyle deck (i.e. topless sunbathing space) on many ships, but I believe their current policy prohibits the activity. Sent from my SM-G960U using Forums mobile app
  10. Cruiser Bruiser

    Biggest mistake on the Royal Class

    Amen to the covered pool! It's one of the best features on HAL. I'm guessing that Princess' post-Royal-class ships will have a covered pool, as that class of ship is likely to be nearly identical to P&O Iona, which features the .
  11. Cruiser Bruiser


    And perhaps it could be relabeled the "I Hate Iona" thread, since the negative Nellies seem to be insistent on having the last word. Sent from my SM-G960U using Forums mobile app
  12. Cruiser Bruiser


    A new was added to the Iona microsite. This area looks very sexy. I'm excited.
  13. Cruiser Bruiser

    Mark Calendars for 3FF 2018

    Add my thanks. As I sail solo, this is the best deal for me. I get double the OBC and save the gratuity. I usually decline the cabin upgrade. I literally booked my cruise yesterday, so I will call when I get back from my next cruise. Yippee.
  14. Cruiser Bruiser

    Serious Wayback Machine - Old HAL Brochures

    Thanks for sharing these excellent finds. I'm reading (with my ears) a biography of Eisenhower at present, so I'm in the mood. But I have to say, as romantic as these older ships may seem, I'll take a modern cruise ship over any of those featured in the brochures. Cheers!
  15. Love all the changes. Much improved over previous Royal-class ships.