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  1. Cruiser Bruiser

    Club Orange priorities

    I'm surprised that no one thus far has mentioned Princess and its Club Class. Besides a mini suite with ostensibly upgraded furnishings, Club Class features Club Class Dining with a dedicated space in the MDR. It also offers a few other perks, including priority dis/embarkation. Club Orange is simply HAL's version of the former with a dedicated dining room rather than dedicated cabin categories. Also add me to the confused re the use of ATK as the Club Orange dining room rather than ATK. It must have been a last minute change, or someone in Seattle simply decided not to spend any money to make it a bit more plush. Or, perhaps it's just a test and the space on Pinnacle class will be upgraded if the test is successful.
  2. Cruiser Bruiser

    Live from Nieuw Statendam Premier Voyage, December 2018

    That's a once-per-cruise production show. I just saw it on Nieuw Amsterdam a couple weeks ago. I'm sure they will have it on NS, too. Saying that, I think HAL needs to come up with a few new production shows to add to the mix, as I'm worried that One World and Billboard Live will end up on all of HAL's large ships.
  3. Cruiser Bruiser

    Celebrity Edge- Major Ship Envy!

    I had just disembarked NA that morning, and I agree that Edge is impressive looking.
  4. Cruiser Bruiser

    Celebrity Edge- Major Ship Envy!

    Good point. Notice this article that CC just posted from aboard Nieuw Statendam. You will see commented about an interesting contrast between impressive spaces (Celebrity) versus impressive experiences (HAL). In the long run, I think that HAL is likely playing the stronger hand.
  5. Cruiser Bruiser

    Live from Nieuw Statendam Premier Voyage, December 2018

    Perhaps, but most folks have commented that the MDR is most influenced by the MDRs on Celebrity ships. The ribs are inspired by musical instruments, as is the decor on all Pinnacle class ships thus far.
  6. Cruiser Bruiser

    Just returned from Getaway...my only gripe? VIBE!!!

    Great question. Capacity is about the same for the thermal suite, and that can be booked in advance.
  7. Cruiser Bruiser

    Everything... Norwegian ENCORE! Launch Nov 2019

    That is kind of you to say. Never say never, right? But Encore has no appeal (does it even have a thermal suite?) Maybe Leonardo-class will lure me back. I'll still be lurking on the boards.
  8. Cruiser Bruiser

    Everything... Norwegian ENCORE! Launch Nov 2019

    I forgot to mention that the passengers on HAL have better manners, too.
  9. Cruiser Bruiser

    Evening shows on Nieuw Amsterdam in the main theater?

    I sailed NA the week of Thanksgiving and the entertainment was excellent. Aside from BB King, Billboard Onboard, and Lincoln Center Stage, there were two production shows: One World and Billboard Off the Charts. They also had Planet Earth Live and the funniest comedian I have ever seen on a cruise. Finally they had a mentalist duo called DNA. So, no fear. Production shows remain and are better than ever.
  10. Cruiser Bruiser

    Celebrity Edge- Major Ship Envy!

    She seems sexy, but Celebrity is charging a huge premium for Edge that is well above their already high prices.
  11. Cruiser Bruiser

    Everything... Norwegian ENCORE! Launch Nov 2019

    Except, I shifted from mostly sailing on NCL to mostly sailing on Holland America, which builds ships designed to appeal to adults. I have one final NCL cruise booked for May, and then I'm done.
  12. Pretty cool. Thanks for sharing the link. HAL definitely keeps is classy/nautical as opposed to the spectacle of some brands' christenings. How did we ever live without LED display technology?
  13. Cruiser Bruiser

    More NCL Project Leonardo Class Ships announced!

    NCL continues to grow! All of those free drinks sure are adding to the profit margin. Andy Stuart specifically mentioned awhile back that the strategy is to have a number of ships that carry >2k, >3k and >4k passengers, as each has advantages relative to the kinds of ports they can visit. NCL must be very confident in the design of these new ships to order six before anyone has even sailed on one. If they have a good proportion of studio cabins and maybe a covered pool, they might be a good fit for me. Time will tell.
  14. Cruiser Bruiser

    Creative Director of new Cunard ship appointed

    I followed your good advice, and I'm glad to see that Tihany does have some diversity in his design repertoire. I'm especially glad to see that he can work with wood, a warm palette, and in a context that could easily be described as traditional. Not that Halifax needs those things necessarily, but Tihany's having some experience with those elements might reassure the traditional Cunard passenger. (I'm not one yet, but I'm aiming for 2021.)
  15. Cruiser Bruiser

    Creative Director of new Cunard ship appointed

    Thanks for that new-to-me tidbit. I'm booked on P&O's Iona (Sep 2020), which is an Excellence-class ship. I believe Princess has a few on order, too, after the final Royal-class is built.