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  1. One option is that the CDC can simply let the no-sail order expire on Wednesday. Fingers crossed.
  2. I'm booked on the exact same cruise. 58 days to go, according to the MSC website. Apparently I am booked in a balcony cabin on Deck 12 after paying for an interior studio. [Maybe that's why the cruises were not appearing in the booking engine? Lack of cabins.] Flight was booked then modified when MSC changed the departure day from Sunday to Saturday. The only thing I'm waiting to book is a hotel room, as I had difficulty with cancelling a hotel reservation in NYC in the earliest days of the pandemic. I am so eager to go on this cruise. I fervently hope that the CDC gets its act tog
  3. Thanks so much for the cruise blog. I am enjoying your information and photos. I'm increasingly hopeful that MSC will have limited sailing from Miami by the time my cruise is scheduled in late November. Be well!
  4. That's a great question. MSC stated that they would restrict capacity to 70%, and that would be one of my expectations before I would feel safe boarding Meraviglia. I'm guessing that they are finding it easy to sail below capacity at present due to folks having very rational concerns about the safety of cruising. Should MSC continue to sail week after week with zero cases of COVID-19, or very few managed cases, my expectation would be that demand would increase to the point that MSC would have to enforce their reduced capacity limits.
  5. The link, above, does work. I already submitted my comments essentially stating that I would be comfortable sailing on MSC from Miami provided that MSC was operating with protocols in place that are identical to those aboard MSC Grandiosa. I also expressed the hope that I can do so on November 21.
  6. The comment period closes on September 21. From a quick internet search, it seems that anyone can post comments here. I'm a government employee, so I get that bureaucracy can sometimes be an obstacle, but the cruise industry is a massive employer, and I would imagine that CDC must be aware that there is an economic motivation to return to sailing. The key is doing so safely, and MSC seems to have implemented the best methodology thus far. Yes, COVID-19 cases exploded in the US because we reopened far too soon. And when we did, much of the country refused to wear masks.
  7. What's your basis for this statement? CDC has implemented the color-coded "ready" system that at present only means the cruise industry has met certain CDC-established criteria relating to crew. MSC is "green" on all US-based ships. Now CDC is seeking comment from the public on a return to cruising. If MSC demonstrates that it can sail consistently with ~3,000 passengers per week with no COVID-19 outbreaks, there is no obvious reason to prohibit MSC from attempting to sail. I have no idea where CDC is with its process; suspicions are that CDC has an anti-cruise industry bias. That said, signs
  8. I agree with you on both counts. That said, the restriction with lots of Caribbean ports involves ensuring that passengers have been tested for COVID in advance. As all passengers would be tested if MSC employs the Grandiosa model, that would likely make ports available that would otherwise be closed. Further, I think the ship merely has to dock; passengers do not have to disembark to comply with US law.
  9. This is likely a blessing in disguise for MSC. I think slow and steady will allow MSC to win the race. The key to getting CDC approval will be no positive test (i.e. no spread of COVID-19). If Grandiosa accrues two, three, four cruises in a row with no spread of COVID-19, that's a compelling argument for their ability to carry passengers safely and return to sailing out of Miami with Meraviglia and Seaside.
  10. I'm supposed to sail on Meraviglia on November 21 (88 days to go!). I am increasingly optimistic. I think rapid testing is going to be the key to making this work.
  11. Aside from all the frustrations regarding refunds, I'm very excited and proud of MSC and the crew of MSC Grandiosa for their successful return to cruising! More like a regular cruise than not, I think, in most respects. I would certainly sail on this kind of cruise. My big hope at this point is that MSC will be able to use this successful trial as evidence to support a similar return to cruising out of Miami before my cruise booked for Thanksgiving week. I am ready to set sail. Clearly rapid testing for COVID-19 is going to be an essential component of cruising for the foreseeable
  12. I have a cruise booked on Meraviglia for Thanksgiving week, too. Because everything is bought and paid for with this one, including flights, I'm hoping it will sail even though it seems unlikely. (Especially with Florida's "what pandemic?" attitude. They seem hell bent on destroying their tourist driven economy.) That said, I fully anticipate that every element of the cruise will be subject to change up until I set foot on the ship, and maybe even thereafter.
  13. I hope that MSC is successful with this trial run. They certainly seem to have developed a rigorous process though which they will screen for cases and manage them should they arise. I think one key to their success is their ability to quarantine and disembark passengers who subsequently test positive. Also their ability to contact trace using the bands. Through the tracing they should be able to further test and triage and manage any spread. Masks and distancing are the key on land and at sea. Fingers crossed.
  14. I would say you are correct. Look familiar? A photo from the website's home page:
  15. I have abandoned my 15 Sep 2020 cruise on Preziosa. My group is now booked on Virtuosa departing on 11 Sep 2021.
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