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  1. Might be different in a CoVID world, but we found that you can show up early and you still get processed thru.
  2. I'd also advise bringing your own snorkel gear, the ones we rented were very uncomfortable.
  3. Actually, the tour to Atlantis WAS thru the Cruise line when we did it in 2019, I can't imagine its any different now.
  4. In a typical dinner service that takes 90 minutes, realistically, you are eating for about 20-30 minutes of it. Noone is going to go around while you are waiting for your entree and tell you to put on your mask, so it is a moot point. It makes MUCH more sense to be restrictive at the beginning and then relaxing the rules than have problems and then over-react to the problem.
  5. Yes, even if you have gotten the vaccine, you ARE trusting others with your health every time you are around them, much less in enclosed spaces like a cruise ship or an airplane. And not everyone can get the vaccine, and the science is still inconclusive on those with auto-immune diseases (7% of the population). Bottom line? Protect yourself, protect others, get vaccinated.
  6. Yes, it will certainly be killing some vaccinated folks, just at a much lower rate than before. The point, however is that there are MANY people who will never be able to get the vaccine because of other health-conditions. This is why it is so critical that those who CAN get it, do so. The longer it takes for herd-immunity to kick in, the more variants will be created, and the more likely that those variants will be more deadly, and more contagious. The argument (which I've heard) that "its a personal choice to not get the vaccine, and it doesn't affect anyone else" is completely false and definitely selfish to the max.
  7. Then they weren't doing their job right. I got mine at a pharmacy, and they made sure that I understood I needed to stay in the area for 15 minutes in case I had a bad reaction.
  8. Yea, the day that being "responsible for themselves" results in ONLY their OWN deaths, then that is a valid argument. Until then, someone's bad choices (not getting vaccinated) WILL KILL other innocent people.
  9. I've seen daily specials from Royal in my email box, but if they won't required adults (at the least) to be vaccinated, it will be years before I cruise with them again.
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