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  1. Thanks, but I’m not past final payment yet. It’s on September 1.
  2. I booked a cruise back in February 2023 with an airline TA for a sailing in December 2023. However, today I noticed that if booked today the taxes and port fees are nearly half as they were in February (669.82 vs. 379.82). I have heard of fees changes , but never this large. This seems very odd. Has anyone ever seen anything like this? Any explanation? I called the TA and the agent seemed clueless when I asked about it and just offered a price adjustment (which would include an increase in the cruise fare).
  3. I will be cruising on the Bliss in December. When I originally booked the cruise the price difference between club balcony suite and regular balcony was only $50 per person, but now the balcony has dropped to be $200 less per person. Now, I’m debating whether to change to balcony and get the savings. From the online description the room (bathroom) seems larger but the balcony is smaller. Is thus true? Any advice on switching or staying with BCS will be welcomed. Thanks! p.s. - also the taxes and port fees have decreased by nearly 50% since when I booked.
  4. I figured the Cruise Critic board members would find some humor in this experience. When I booked my upcoming cruise on Silhouette, I got the All Included package. After downloading my Xpress Pass, I saw “CALL” under packages. I interpreted it as I needed to call because there was a problem with my package. I called my travel agency and explained to the agent what I was seeing. Thus, the agent called Celebrity who confirmed that my package was showing in the system. However, neither explained that “CALL” was actually the name of my package. It was only after searching Cruise Critic that I learned the CALL and PALL (I plan to upgrade to this) titles. I should have come here first!
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