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  1. We booked a tour through discountexcursions.com for the Grand Cayman Turtle Centre Full Access Tour and really enjoyed our day. There is a man-made turtle lagoon there to snorkel in so it was a good first experience snorkeling. The van stopped at the beach on the way back to the ship for anyone that wanted to get off there, but we were tired and hungry so just went back to the ship. In Aruba we walked off the ship and chose a colorful bus sort of randomly that took us on a tour of the island and had a very good time doing that as well. In Bonaire, right outside the port gate there was a row of kiosks selling tours. We had reserved one that we found online ahead of time, but found one we liked better so went down to the kiosk we booked with to cancel and then went with the other one. It was a great tour and included a dvd of photos of the places we were seeing because the tour operator is also a photographer. We might have just gotten lucky, but we ended up having a really good time.
  2. We flew with my FIL who is in a wheelchair. We took him down the ramp to the door of the airplane and then they transferred him to a narrow wheelchair that would fit down the aisle. We were first on, then did it in reverse to get off the plane, so were last off. I think when we checked in online before the flight we indicated that we needed a wheelchair assist. This was on Alaska Airlines.
  3. I just read " The Unhoneymooners" by Christina Lauren. Romantic comedy - total fluff. I normally read mysteries but most of this book takes place on Maui so I checked this out from my library and it was entertaining. I have "Moloka'i" by Alan Brennert on my bookshelf - I haven't read it yet, but have heard good things about it. It is historical fiction about the leprosy colony in Hawaii. "Song for a Whale" by Lynne Kelly is considered juvenile fiction because the main character is 12 years old but I really enjoyed it. She is a deaf girl who wants to communicate with a particular whale, and the book involves an Alaskan cruise. There are quite a few mysteries set on board cruise ships.
  4. Thank you! That will definitely help with planning.
  5. We will be on the 4/10/20 cruise from Honolulu. The ship doesn't sail until 11pm - we are wondering what is the latest time we can board with such a late sailing? We normally try to board as soon as possible to get the vacation started, but with such a late sail time might want to use the day to do something in Honolulu. Or are there special things going on aboard ship so we'd want to be there? We wouldn't want to miss anything!
  6. We walked through residential streets and past a park with a craft fair going on to get to downtown. After we explored the harbor area and walked through the international district, we walked back along the water to get to the port, so we actually just did a BIG loop. Being in town only 5 hours, if you are walkers, you might want to downtown and if time runs short take a cab back. There were multiple pedicabs at the port looking for hire - I think it was around $10 but we had all day so we just walked.
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