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  1. Well that's interesting. Whether this applies or not to the FCC is something I don't know. But... being the devil's advocate... I feel even if it does apply, NCL will conveniently ignore this, and FCCs will expire, and it'll be up to the consumer to fight for getting them reinstated per this Florida statue.
  2. No, your money won't sit with them for that long. Your FCCs will have expired by then, and you'll have unfortunately end up with nothing.
  3. Was it always June 30? Or was it originally something else, and got extended?
  4. I got my original FCCs from a May 2020 cruise that got cancelled. Booked an October 2020 cruise with it, also got cancelled. FCC still showing April 1, 2021 use by date.... 😞
  5. Really, where have you seen reports of FCC being extended? Or do you personally have FCCs that got extended? Reason I ask is I have FCCs that have an use by date of April 1, 2021... With the rolling cancellations, I'd really like to see this extended, at least till they actually restart.... Would hate to book something which gets cancelled, resulting in the FCC automatically expiring.
  6. You're still interpreting that paragraph out of context: "Please be advised that at no time will an FCC be redeemable for cash, including but not limited to situations of possible future cruise suspensions, displacements, cancellations or if the FCC exceeds the time in which it must be used." The above highlighted portion is the key point in this particular clause. This says that if there are future suspensions, cancellations, or whatever, the FCC is not redeemable for cash. Basically, if you accept the FCC and the future cruise you use it on is also cancelled, then you
  7. I don't see how this clause has anything to do with what I was complaining about. You cherry-picked that part of the sentence, but if you read the beginning, it's talking about the FCC being redeemable for cash. I 100% agree that if you let the FCC expire, you wouldn't get cash back. But the situation I'm talking about is using FCCs on future cruises that keep getting cancelled. NCL keeps returning the FCC with original expiry date. If you end up using the FCC for a future cruise that gets cancelled AFTER your FCC use-by date, then you effectively lost your money.
  8. The FCCs allow you to book a cruise up to Dec 2022, but have a "use-by" date of April, 2021 (for the first batch of FCCs). So if one was to book a cruise after April 2021 with the FCC, but that cruise gets cancelled, current situation is that the FCC would be expired and gone.
  9. Ah, I misunderstood. But yea, the fact that they aren't willing to extend the FCC is a real kicker. I actually rebooked already with the original FCC, but that cruise also got cancelled. They returned my FCC but with the original expiry date. Makes me wonder, if I go ahead and book something for say May 2021, but that ends up being cancelled, I effectively lose my FCC? That seems so very wrong to me....
  10. Your FCCs were extended to 2022 without you asking? My FCC that I got last year still reflect 4/1/2021 expiry... Last time I called NCL, they wouldn't extend for me either.
  11. I'm not so sure that's a good analogy though. When you exchange airline tickets, you aren't getting a voucher, and then applying the voucher to a ticket. Booking a new cruise with FCC isn't an "exchange". You opted to pick the FCC as your form of refund when first offered (and likely getting a bonus amount). All subsequent cruises booked with said FCC is no longer really associated with your original booking you paid for in cash. And to be fair, NCL did offer you the ability to refund back to our original form of payment, but offered you a bonus, if you picked the FCC.
  12. Even though I'm in this situation, and would love to get a cash refund, I agree with you, and never bothered to try and argue/fight this. FCCs had always had a clause saying it has no cash value and cannot be redeemed for cash. When first round of cancellation happened, the options were take FCC, or take refund to original form of payment. So it can be said that NCL disclosed everything up front, and it was up to the customer to have made the connection that if they opted for the FCC, and booked a future cruise with it, then any subsequent cancellations/refunds would be
  13. I also just realized, NCL didn't even want to provide a new expiry date for FCC that was cancelled a second time. I would have at least felt that a new expiry date based off the latest cancellation would have been a given....
  14. I suppose that's an option. Don't know any one in my circle of friends/family that would be interested in buying though. Are there any specific marketplace type forums I can try and peddle my FCCs on?
  15. I'm in the same boat.... Original cruise cancelled in May 2020, TA offered the option to rebook. Rebooked for Nov 2020. As we all know, that also got cancelled, and now stuck with FCC. Due to our personal situation, it's is highly unlikely we'll be able to find time to cruise by end of 2022. So.... unfortunately, seems like I'll have to write off my cruise fare as lost for good at this time. Would love to hear any reports otherwise, where someone has been able to get FCC from a twice cancelled cruise refund back in cash.
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