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  1. "Stout is a dark beer.." not according to my countrymen 😁 Tom, are you the "Tom O" that shares such amazing info on ships? the Tom I am looking for is a librarian.
  2. To set the record straight. "My favorite beer is Guinness" Guinness is not beer, it is STOUT :)
  3. Amber cove 27 falls 27 Charcos Not for the faint hearted.. We were looking for an excursion while in port at Amber Cove, jan 2019, and near the taxi stand we saw a flyer for “27 falls”. It showed a pool, waterfall and a ladder. OK, it looked great and easy to do... even at my age I can visualize myself climbing down the ladder and swimming around. So off we went. I think the entry fee was $12 pp. and the taxi to get there.. about $50 Once there they provide a locker ($2) and a life vest ($2) and watershoes ($2). And then a helmet! 😲 I smelt a rat, but oh well. I am here now.. And a guide who said we would walk approximately 45 min to the falls. It is UP a path, with widely spaced steps. It was rather hot, and I took a few stops along the way to allow my heart to catch up! At the top I lay down to recover and cool off. There was a hut over to one side with a man standing by it. It is the donkey ambulance for those that have had enough. The only way down is by donkey! As i had recently rode a donkey in Santorini.. I will do anything to avoid doing that ever again. So on we go to the falls. Fortunately it is not far now, and downhill..( did we climb up too far?) You walk down and there is the first fall. It looks amazing! And you have a choice of how to enter the water..Jump in from 25 foot or slide down 5 foot. I chose to slide. Remember to wear a sturdy suit! The water is cold, but it definitely will make you forget the slog up the steps! Once in, we swam into a cave and then out again, making our way to the next fall, fortunately as you are already in the water, there is no more jumping. The guide says we are heading for a “slide”.. .......I am thinking “ plastic slide”. Nope..I now know what the helmet is for. You swim to the edge of the big natural pool and there, worn by countless butts is a snakelike slide in the rock. The guide hangs onto your life vest at the neck, he tells you to lean way back, cross your arms across your chest and pinch your nose. Then he lets you go. About 15 foot down I hit the water and am submerged. I break the surface thankful for the helmet and that I still have both elbows. I swim around this pool and look up at where I came from. When we started out, I was disappointed to find out that we only did 7 of the falls, as to do the 27 took a lot of hiking and more time than we had in port. Now I am so happy that there are only 5 more falls to do and not 25! Each fall is a real trip😳 and the final slide is about 25 feet long. But each pool and the swim around it brings views of the rock and fauna hanging over your head. It is beautiful. Our guide and the person at the end of the final pool are getting a laugh out of me. I think they thought they would take me out on a stretcher. I did too... But the bottom line... if I had seen this online, I would never at any age over 50 ..attempted it..I am way past 50! So I am so glad I was clueless.. it was the most wonderful and amazing thing I have ever done. I will never forget it. Just make sure you are up to the walk.......after that..it is all downhill.
  4. Oh I hope they are not.. we were there jan 16 of this year and they were amazing.
  5. I was going to use my tiles as backsplash, I thought we were in our forever home, but knowing how life can throw you a curve, I just held on them. two moves later, I have now used them as an accent row on two 5 foot benches, and a small table with a shelf. if we move again, they go with us.
  6. We have not seen one of those tiles that have been out since 2017. we continue to receive the generic tile with three ships names on them. Even when we did the Voyage of the Vikings cruise last year, we still got generic, and not one that actually commemorate that cruise. It was a disappointment, as I was putting the tiles on a bench, and had saved the front and center place for it. We were on the 24 night Oosterdam last month, and once again.. we got one with three ships names on it. I have so many of the same tiles, it is a shame. Also. I soak the cork backing off the tiles before mounting them, and there is a change. Where they once said "Delft" on the back, they now say "Made in Portugal". \ I have attached a photo of two tile backs, an original tile and what we receive these days. plus the latest Oosterdam tile, you can see the mirror image in the mirror, so it is a HAL tile. Also a photo of the bench and the table . I have also made cushions from the cotton bags they used to give to everyone. It does dress up the patio nicely. I have two more spaces for tiles on one side of the bench, but I will wait and see if the design changes. I have tons of extra tiles, but I hate to duplicate or triplicate the tiles on the bench.
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