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  1. I still give it weight. She had lots of complaints...suck was my word. Thought the overall tone was negative. Wonder what a review would be for a cruise that truly sucked.
  2. If I had as many it would be a "suck" cruise. But I know what NCL is, not what their new CEO wishes them to be.
  3. Yep, not really worth the wait. Also didn't see any burgers... Guy's was the burger joint. Did Magic have Tandoor? That was the money place for us.
  4. Which ones only do lunch? How about Breakfast?
  5. It's a shame we need a spreadsheet at all. Dining should be a simple process.
  6. How far away is your second choice and how crowded will it be when you get there. Then how far away is your third choice? Never mind actually responding, I'm sure it will be OK.
  7. Given the many posts by the OP and the locations mentioned as previously lived in, I will accept that the OP has more experience than the many of the posters being critical. If the NCL Escape sucked for this OP then I will give them the benefit of the doubt.
  8. Sounds like legitimate complaints about the service and food.
  9. Sounds about what I would expect on a new ship. NCL Escape might need to be a pass until the understaffed crew gets it together. If they ever do. Phooey on NCL for making cruising complicated and difficult.
  10. They may not have been fully included when I booked but given the jacked up prices now, they certainly are. Phooey on NCL
  11. He said he didn't see any" more "nickle and diming than CCL not that he didn't notice "a lot" This does not suggest how much he actually saw. Which suggests it could be more than you don't see. :)
  12. More upscale restaurants gave more opportunity for nickle and diming on NCL. Especially a la carte if one is not careful. But NCL is simply a slightly more expensive Carnival with some slight differences. Or they were before they jacked up the prices on their cruises. Phooey on NCL
  13. Don't care for the MDR's on NCL Don't like buffets period. NCL= Specialty Restaurants Otherwise no other reason to sail NCL for us. You can survive on the free stuff and have moments of culinary success. Phooey on NCL for making cruising difficult and annoying.
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