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  1. We are traveling with her daughter who is vegetarian and also has food allergies. We notified NCL and it is put on our reservation. I understand the procedure for meeting with the Staff in the main dining room the first day of the cruise. I was wondering about some of the other more casual places to eat such as O'Sheehan's. Do they have any vegetarian options such as a veggie burger? I don't see anything listed on their menus.
  2. We just booked yesterday. We are on that sailing too.
  3. I am a first time Celebrity cruiser and first time Concierge cabin for my husband. I have seen several posts regarding the limited menu available at lunch. What is typically available? Will be be able to see the menu prior to being seated?
  4. I want to thank @Ferry_Watcher for all the updated information that you provide on this topic. It is very precise and the included photos help so much. I am assuming you either live or work very close to the pier. Again, thank you so much for helping us plan the beginning and end of our cruises with confidence. 👏
  5. Yes, my husband just upgraded to Premium and was charged $12 per day. I was not required to upgrade.
  6. Thank you much. I am curious though. How did you compile this extensive list? How long did it take?
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