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  1. Any negative experience with a bow facing cabin? Looking at deck 7 or 8. I know about the anchor and thrusters being fwd. Deck 8 looks like a better view, but anyone experience noise from the above bridge deck? Thanks in advance.
  2. Booked a March 2022 10 day cruise back in April because of a great rate. Decided to Lift n Shift yesterday and was told by the TA are cruise rate was not qualify for a LnS because it was a CUG rate and she didn't even no what it was.
  3. We have a March 2021, 10 day cruise. Would you sail next March the way things are if they get the OK, or Lift n Shift before this option may end on Sept 30 ?
  4. The RCL APP when checking in, has the above quote after your ID photo is taken . Could this mean that our November cruise maybe cancelled?Anyone else have a problem with the APP?
  5. Lift n Shift, Dec 13 Oasis to Odyssey Jan 2 also because we want to avoid Oasis departing MIA. We booked Oasis about year and half out and the fees increased $45 and change, two passengers. Due to an error on my part final payment was made for the Nov. 4 Oasis. Hope they will cancel. If by chance the do start up I think it would be with smaller class ships on short trips.
  6. Anyone booked or canceled ? No September update from RCCL.
  7. On the same 4 day Oasis, great deal with a $100 obc booked way back Feb 2019 . Also have a 7 day Oasis for mid Dec. Wonder if TA will waive the $100 cancellation fee for the short Nov. cruise? I don't book with additional fees but because of the low rate I took a chance.
  8. Some online TA's also charge a $24.99 processing fee plus a $100 cancellation. If the booking is less then the fees , it's a chance like gambling .
  9. We also want to book the Enchantment for Jan 21. We are hesitant. From what I understand, typical travel ins does not cover a canceled cruise. Not sure about the optional Cancel For Any Reason option..
  10. We prefer the Indy, with her two cruises over the Adventure's Dec 7 cruise as it felt more crowded, also must use the lower decks for the FWD elevators, only the Port side elev for Deck 14. Enjoyed the Ice show on Indy much better. Only two Ice shows scheduled the same day on the 8 day. No reservations for any entertainment. The line for the 8 PM last show had a horrendous long line an hour before show time and building. People jumping the line from all sides as the doors opened. We enjoyed the Indy's ice show more. BTW we sat in an upper side row with some obstruction from a pole in front.
  11. I'm thinking about all the servers in the buffet picking up glasses and plates and then serving you a drink. Same for the bartenders, have witnessed some using hands to pick up fruit for the drinks or not using a scoop for ice Have experienced Noro this fall on a prior cruise line.It can start within 12 hours after boarding and that's exactly what happened, for 5 days and i'm a germ a phobia. Thank G-d we disembarked from the Oct 27 NCL Joy canal cruise as her next cruise is when Noro all started.
  12. Forgot my phone at home , good thing we had printed the docs as a back up boarding the Symphony. Being upper tier, I was able to use the ships phone to make calls, no charge.
  13. Price drops on the Joy. After asking for an upgrade or ,OBC I received a cabin upgrade. There is still a difference of $278 in which I asked for in OBC and was told I already got an upgrade. Last cruise with NCL. Was looking forward to book the Encore.
  14. The Casino may still punch your cards. On board the Adventure's Southern cruise this Dec.
  15. Is Halloween night celebrated on board? Do cruisers dress up? Will be aboard the Joy. Last year on the Allure there was a parade on the promenade deck with about 1000 cruisers in costumes even in the DR. Ship was well decorated and a venue was turned into a scary fun house.
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