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  1. I have never flown again with BA since they cancelled my flight to Manchester from JFK with no pre warning and then totally failed to explain exactly why the flight was cancelled (I always suspected it was to save money and to fill a London Heathrow flight with the Manchester travellers) The way my queries were treated and for that matter how I was treated at JFK persuaded me not to travel with them again. Just why we are allowing these airlines to cram seats into planes with ridiculous levels of personal space and then paying them to be allowed a seat with non DVT properties id ludicrous. Maybe after the current world situation we could be sending these airlines a clear message - do not treat us like cattle and what customer service means. I wish Celebrity would base more cruises from the UK. There would be no need then to fly. I can't travel to the USA because of being unable to get travel insurance cover. There are no Western Med cruises except for one in August for the next 2 seasons. I do not cruise during school peak time holidays so I have no cruise to do......
  2. They’re back!! Am on the Silhouette NOW and after a week of no free movies..... we now have On Demand free movies back. We have 9 to choose from...... Thank you for listening Celebrity....it might seem small feed but..... it is appreciated, does make one as the customer feel listened to and valued.
  3. As I said no top deck movie screen on the Silhouette and Celebrity Central is claustrophobic and not very comfortable!!
  4. We are on the Silhouette right now. A fellow cruiser on a B to B told us they had movies last week but after speaking to guest relations we were told there were no longer free movies in the room. Now....on the Silhouette there is nowhere on deck to watch movies so there is just one film shown at odd random times in Celebrity Central - not the most comfortable venue. People on board have not been at all happy re the 4/5 free films Celebrity used to provide and I reckon quite a few have been vocal about it. I have also heard people comment about how much busier it seems around the ship which has not been the case on other (full) cruises. STOP PRESS!!!! we were just coming back on board and were in the elevator with a couple commenting about how busy it seems and I mentioned the movies and behind me was an officer from guest relations and she announced the films were coming back today!!!!!! NOW I have just checked and they are not back yet but if they are then full marks to Celebrity for listening!! Watch this space !!!! (I did hear that there are a few executives joined the ship yesterday..... maybe that had some bearing on things....)
  5. Free films in the room area thing of the past. Celebrity has cut them 😞
  6. Just on theSilhouette and tried to access the formerly free small selection of movies - nope nothing. On speaking to another guest who is on a back to back the free movies were available last week on a fjord cruise ! Customer relations’ staff we spoke to were unaware when we went to check. After a phone call they informed us that they had finished fleetwide but.... movies are show in Celebrity Central - not the most comfortable of venues remembering that the Silhouette doesn’t have a screen outdoor on top deck!! This has been disappointing....as we weren’t prepared and did enjoy watching (and being able to pause) movies.
  7. Last cruise we would usually meet up with folk from the roll call and create a team of 6 and we did pretty well. We accumulated quite a lot of 'win' tickets but unlike others here..... the 'prizes' were rather meagre..... for our share of approx 14 tickets we just took a few packs of Celebrity cards.
  8. That was well said Bo ! I have no problem with children as a rule. As a lifelong teacher I am very used to dealing with children and left to my own devices....not a problem. The problem lies with.... the parents. As a previous inhabitant of the UK seaside resort Blackpool, I am all too aware of the "I'm on holiday - nothing can interrupt my holiday, nothing bad can possibly happen... I can switch off and do as I like" attitude of too many adults/parents. Bad enough in a resort but on the confines of a cruise ship? It is very difficult for ordinary members of staff to be able to 'confront' guests or their children as this could generate a complaint about them. I have no problem addressing children re their behaviour..... there are ways to do that which lessen the issue of confrontation. However it is the ship's management which should be acting. Yes they should be providing age appropriate activities for the children and yes Celebrity had plenty of warning re the numbers scheduled for that trip. As an ex teacher I do delight in holidaying during school term times....and as people have pointed out, they have come to associate Celebrity as a company not essentially targeting families with children. They, in my opinion, dropped the ball on this one and the 'bright spark' who came up with the 'children go free' ploy needs to be sent on training re thinking things through (for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction - would be a start! ) From people's comments on this thread it would seem that they have lost a few regular clients.
  9. Icelandic horses have a different gait. In other horses and ponies trot is in 1:2 time..... so you get 'rising trot' or 'sitting trot' and you can count 1,2 1,2 etc Icelandic horses (they're referred to as horses even tho to us they are pony sized) 'trot in 4 time so 1,2,3,4 & 1,2,3,4 etc. We competed against them one at a Native Horse and pony show (we used to show Welsh cobs) I had never seen them before. They are quite stocky and can have thick coats.
  10. I couldn't agree more. I used SPB and organised 8 of us...2 couples from USA and 2 British. We had some with mobility issues so all was arranged with that in mind. We personalised the entire 2 days. Our guide was excellent and like others we sailed past any queues and even our guide said we were very lucky to be almost alone in the gallery with the da Vinci paintings! She guided and chose the galleries for us as it is impossible to see all in the allotted time - and wise choices they were too. We saw all the 'must see' sites but what I can really recommend is that our guide offered us a trip on the Metro! It was amazing. Only 5 of us braved it and our guide timed the main escalator for us - 3 minutes it took!!! The corridors and stations put the London Undergound to shame as they were bright, very clean and had wonderful mosaics to marvel at! Not to be missed! I could not have done it on my own with all the guides etc in Russian script so was great to be escorted! We weren't held up getting off the ship at all and passport control was fine. SPB organised the necessary visas - all was simplicity itself. The van was a very comfy Mercedes and .... had free wi fi all the time we were on it !
  11. I agree re contacting companies for tours in St Petersburg. I used SPB and they were great. We were 4 couples meeting on the roll call with several of us having mobility issues. SPB were great and we tailored the venues to exactly what worked for us. We had a great 2 days and cannot praise them highly enough - 12 seater minibus for the 8 of us with free wifi, excellent guide, early entry to the Hermitage and we went with her judgement as to which rooms to focus on. We were met promptly each day - located the guide and minibus easily and returned to the ship in perfect time. For the cost it could not be faulted at all!.
  12. 4 weeks for us before Silhouette and the Western Med.... in a Sky suite. What will we do with a butler ?
  13. I am an ex competitive swimmer and yes the solarium pool isn't huge but.... it is a fair size and a good swimmer can easily adapt strokes so as to have a 'work out'. It is more difficult when people just park themselves rather inconsiderately in the middle of the pool to chat! I mean, people don't block the running track now do they? You do need to swim right in the middle though so you can swim to the wall.
  14. The ship docks some way out of Cork. The dock port is quite a small place tho looked pretty. I think there was a bit of a Titanic exhibition (we didn't view it)
  15. With sites like Booking.com you can research hotels, read reviews, see pics ,location etc online. With the £ weak against near every currency and very unlikely to improve - esp as Brexit date approaches you should get a good deal for your $. There are coach trips running fromm Victoria coach station which take in Stonehenge ( an unbelievable massive draw for Americans! not worth it imho) and then on to an afternoon in Bath - well worth a visit. Museums and art galleries in London are free! I recommend the National Gallery in Trafalgar sq and the Nat Portrait gallery attached to the side. I recommend also the riverboat trip to Greenwich from Westminster Pier to Greenwich where there is the Maritime museum and then up on the top of the park the Greenwich meridian and observatory. Great pub with fab food by the Thames with Nelson connection The Trafalgar - worth a rest break and food 🙂 Plus there is Greenwich market (free to browse) as is Borough market with fab food stalls. Covent garden has many street performers and is near shopping. Free to enter (but not to buy) are the superstores of Selfridges on Oxford st, and then Harrods in Knightsbridge. Always worth a look ! (Hot salted beef sandwich on far left ground floor at Selfridges for a yummy snack !!) So it doesn't need to cost the earth. get Oyster card as ppl have said ...travel by tube is fast...by bus you see more.If you go to Tussauds, Ripleys etc then you will pay £££££££s. Shout out if you need help on here am sure ppl will add to my list! Oh I forgot... www.Thetrainline will give you train travel to Southampton and usually 10 - 12 weeks before travel is needed there will be deals showing.
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