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  1. Does anyone know what time the Dollar shuttle runs from the Kahului port to the airport rental pick up? We are attending the Luau, in Lahania and it will be late night, before we return the car.
  2. When does, the flight information show up? Also the seating assignment.
  3. Is this Luau a fancy affair? It seems like many people are concerned with the way they will look.
  4. We only have the rental for one day, but if all goes well, we may rent for the second day. The important thing was the luau, then everything after that, is a bonus. I was thinking of the Ioa valley, then the southeastern coast, then to Lahaina.
  5. We were thinking of mainly doing some sightseeing and hoping to plan a route around the Island. We do not, want to do, the Road to Hana. Beaches and waterfalls would be nice.
  6. Cruising into Maui, on the POA, Oct 13TH. My port is Kahului and I am renting a car at the airport. I have reservations for a luau, in Lahaina, at the Old Lahaina Luau, 5:00 PM. I figure, I will be in the car at 9:00AM. I need help with, what to see or do, between these hours. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Kristin, When and how did you book your excursion ? Paul
  8. Thanks Mum. You are the first one since," NCL started the Hawaiian UBP", to verify that alcoholic drinks were actually included. And like you, we enjoy our drinks, so this puts our minds to ease. Thanks again!
  9. 123CruisyMum, With the, unlimited beverage package, were alcoholic beverage included and was there a Hawaiian port , sales tax added/per drink? Not the gratuity charge.
  10. On my upcoming cruise aboard the Pride of America the 'Ocean view room' offer, allowed me to pick three included perks. One of the perks offered was the Hawaiian Unlimited drink package. By picking this perk an additional $138/ person was added to the cost of the cruise. This cost was a 20% gratuity on the retail price of the package. At $15/ drink, this only comes to 9.2 drinks per one week cruise. Totally worth the charge.
  11. Can someone, who has been on the POA after January 01,2019, and that had the perk of Hawaii UBP, verify, that alcoholic drinks were included.
  12. On the Norwegian web site, it is listed as complementary!
  13. On the Pride of America, is the John Adams Coffee Bar complimentary?
  14. In addition, a sales tax may be charged to your account, if you are in a port city that charges tax on drinks.
  15. The package includes any drink up to $15/ drink. Each person can order up to two drinks at a time. I did see that bottled water was included. On a previous cruise (the GEM), all liquors were included, even top shelf.
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