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  1. Thanks for posting your review! We will be boarding the Spirit soon. Did NCL give a reason why they replaced the Casablanca stop with Tangier? We've been to Casablanca before so would be happy to have another place to explore. Do you happen to know who the Executive Chef and Restaurant Manager were during your cruise? Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the update, Bonnie, and I hope we still get to stop at Kusadasi. However, it seems odd that Azamara is still planning to stop there when for one of their brands, RC announced: "We have replaced our current calls to Ephesus (Kusadasi), Turkey...due to the current unpredictability of the state of Turkey. Our decision-making process will always be driven by our concern for the safety of our guests and crew." I wonder why they feel it's more safe for their Azamara guests than it is for their Royal Caribbean guests?
  3. We are on the 6/21/07 Quest sailing, which is scheduled to stop in Kusadasi/Ephesus. Recently Royal Caribbean announced that they are cancelling all stops in Turkey for the year and announced alternate itineraries. Has anyone heard if Azamara has made the same decision? There is no change in itinerary showing on Azamara's website.
  4. It must be something about Tapatalk. I have the same problem viewing some of Bonnie's posts there, but have no issues when viewing on my Mac. I always though it was odd, because I've never noticed a problem with posts from anyone else, but I don't think many people post in green type.
  5. Great news! I hope you soon find another itinerary for a fantastic vacation.
  6. I am confident that you will receive a response to your email. I've contacted him on a few occasions and have always heard back. I hope you're able to transfer to another sailing.
  7. We're seriously looking at the 12/5 sailing. We have never sailed on Epic or Breakaway class ships and thought it would be fun to try out Escape. In the past, we have really enjoyed aft penthouses, but want to try out the Haven for the first time this trip. One main goal is to be either in the Haven or close by, as we expect to use the Haven restaurant for most meals. We're leaning towards an H5/Courtyard Penthouse. For those experienced with bookings on new ships, is there any intelligent way to guess which specific H5's may have more favorable locations than others? One other thought is to book an H7/Forward Penthouse on deck 14, so still not too far from the Haven. Any thoughts on this option? Thanks for input!
  8. We were on Quest last week and asked about Milena. Sadly for us, she had recently left for vacation.
  9. We booked with an Open Passage and then changed both cruise dates and promotions. The dollar amount credited carried over with no problem at all.
  10. Our cruise will stop in Zadar on a Sunday in July from 7:30 AM until 2:30 PM. We plan to do a walking tour on our own. I've seen conflicting information on whether it is possible to climb the tower at Cathedral of St. Anastasia or visit the Museum of Ancient Glass on a Sunday. Does anyone know for sure? Thanks!
  11. Thanks for posting, Bill. I hope all who are able will give support to this great need, whether through this site or wherever they feel is appropriate. Doug
  12. Last week I downloaded the Land Discoveries brochure for my Quest sailing on July 5, 2014, and it already includes details about the AzAmazing evening. I see that it's already listed for the sailing mentioned above as well. I'm not sure if many for 2014 are listed, but it's easy to look if anyone is curious about the event for a particular sailing. Doug
  13. Andy, That makes sense. It's definitely better than what other cruise lines would offer for free air. The one thing that's kept us from booking on the new Viking Ocean promotion with heavily discounted air is what looks like will be lack of choice in air schedules.
  14. I just received the email. I don't argue that it's not a good offer, depending on what you would have paid for airfare, but I'm still not sure how today's promotion is 'better than free air' as Friday's email promised. It looks like the offer is 'equal to free air', up to a limit. Today's email also has a contradiction, as is typical. The new guarantee on lowest airfare is stated as within 72 hours of booking, but when you click for details it says 24 hours. Doug
  15. Andy, I also received that email. I'm most curious about what it says in the big graphic at the top. "WHAT'S BETTER THAN FREE AIR? The answer is flying in directly to your inbox on Monday, June 3." Doug
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