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  1. We were on Seabourn a few years ago Athens-Venice. It was lovely and we met a nice couple we are still friendly with. But over all, we didn't think the vibe was that friendly or dpwn to earth. The service was impeccable and the food fantastic! Then we did Windstar through Sicily. The people were fantastic and we made plans with several for tours and excursions and dinners on the ship and stayed in touch through social media. It was casual and they do your laundry which made packing so easy. Ships crew were amazing, the food was delicious. We will be on the Whisper next week and all these posts about tuxedos and gowns are freaking me out a bit . But despite what folks wear, I hope they are friendly and chill. If I were goign to cruise through the Greek Isles I might look at a Windstar sailing ship. But its WAY more relaxed, so might be too far over in the other direction for the OP
  2. We have traveled on small Windstar and Seabourn ships and have always met fellow passengers on the Roll Call forum. We wound up booking private tours and comparing notes on other excursions with them. It was nice. We are still friendly with folks we met on a Windstar cruise 4 years ago
  3. We are on the Whisper on September 3, 2019 and not ONE other person on the roll call I posted months ago. I even joined the Silversea Passengers Facebook group and still haven't found anyone. I know its a small ship. But it will feel quite large if we have it all to ourselves 🙂
  4. Thank you so much for all of these fabulous posts! We will be on the Whisper on September 3...first time on Silversea. It is so much fun to get a feel for the cruise, day by day. I can't wait!
  5. Great! We will be on the Whisper September 3rd (Monte Carlo to Barcelona) I will take any and all info, advice, menus, photos etc. It will be our fist Silversea cruise. Have a great time!
  6. We will be on the September 3rd. What about you?
  7. Thank you.I also avoid sugar as an ingredient. I am also Keto which means no carbs (bread, pasta, potatoes, rice, wheat etc) . I think I will "relax" a little about that on the cruise. But I don't want to totally undo all the good work I have done. I usually save my carbs for wine 🙂
  8. I am sure that Silversea will accommodate dietary restrictions like gluten free . But can someone tell me if they also have sugar free options? Thank you
  9. We love Barcelona but we like to got to new places if we can. Girona was of interest due to the Jewish history. We have a bunch of Chase points so we thought it would be nice to use them and make it easy with a guided tour. The last time we were in Barcelona, we did everything ourselves.We may choose Monserrat instead because people seem to love it
  10. Okay I found a tour that leaves at 10AM. Would 7PM be too late to get back to Barcelona for the final night of dinner on the ship? IS there anything special the last night? We like to eat at 8-8:30Pm when we travel, so I am not worried about having a late dinner. But since we have never been on a Silversea cruise, I wanted to double check. Thank you in advance for your advice.
  11. IT is in port over night. so this is the day we arrive, not the day we disembark. But yes might be too tight
  12. We will be on the Silver Whisper for the September 3rd cruise from Monte Carlo to Barcelona. We have reserved ship excursions in all of the ports except for Barcelona. We have been to Barcelona a couple of times so we are looking to do a day trip to Girona and book on our own (and use our Chase points). According to the itinerary, the ship gets into port at 8AM . Will we be able to go on a tour that has a meeting time at 8:30? I know there are many Silversea experts in this forum. I woudl appreciate your knowledge and experience before I commit to anything. Thank you
  13. Thank you both! This was really helpful. We LOVED our Seabourn cruise but found people on Windstar and Uniworld to be friendlier. We found the staff on Windstar to be excellent: friendly and professional and available. The Seabourn crew were great but a little more formal (with a couple of exceptions). Honestly we got a very good deal on SS (relatively speaking) so that is one of the reasons, after itinerary and dates, that why we chose it. We have traveled enough to know nothing is perfect and we always have a great time and appreciate that we are able to travel. But I really appreciate the community, especially discerning and seasoned travelers, offering their impressions and advice.
  14. I am not sure exactly what I want to know I just appreciate getting peoples impressions and advice. Many times I got helpful tips by reading reviews of things to look out for or avoid, excursions that were favorites or not worth it, restaurant and food recommendations etc. This is our first cruise with Silversea. We were originally going to go back to Seabourn or Windstar but these dates worked better for us. So, its more curiosity and "research" Thank you
  15. There has not been a new review posted in 4 months. And, no one has joined the roll call for our cruise September 3rd. We always travel on small ships and we have always had more interaction on CC pre-cruise with fellow passengers. I also realize that the cruise around the world might be having an impact on people posting. But still, strange
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