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  1. Just received an email for our upcoming cruise next month on Serenade stating Viking Crown will be the overflow for the Diamond Lounge nightly. Sent from my SM-T713 using Tapatalk
  2. Does anyone know if you can buy this pass directly? Or if you go through the third party, what happens if it is raining? Is the deposit lost? Also, does anyone know what the cost for a taxi is? Sent from my SM-T713 using Tapatalk
  3. So I just go in and do a mock booking and see what cabins are available on each ship? Do you make a list of available cabins on each ship? Seems like that might take alot of effort. I will give it a try, and ask for TA to try too. If I'm booked through a TA, will Celebrity even speak to me about it? I think not, correct? Sent from my SM-T713 using Tapatalk
  4. We are booked on a Celebrity Reflection transatlantic from Florida to Dublin, Ireland. We are thinking of booking a back-to-back which is a British Isles cruise from Dublin back to Dublin on the same ship, departing the same day as the other cruise ends. I have several questions. What will be required if we are US citizens as far as getting off the ship and getting back on in Dublin? Is there anything special that we should know? Also, we have a Veranda cabin booked for the transatlantic. That cabin is not available for the next 10-day Cruise. But we were able to book a similar cabin on the sa
  5. I was recently on Equinox and soon to be on Reflection. I noticed a few different dining venues on Reflection. I see a Lawn Club where you grill your own meal (additional charge), Bistro on 5 (small surcharge) and The Porch (small surcharge). I'm curious about how much the surcharge is and what type of food is served, etc. Thanks!
  6. I was on Equinox last month and agree that the machines were tight, although I did see a young lady hit $3k on a $2.50 bet.
  7. Agree. Just was hoping one of the cabins didn't have a big metal pole holding up the lifeboats in front of the window!
  8. Any tips on which elevator location is quicker?Seems I also heard that some elevators only go to Deck 7?
  9. The cruise is next week. It is a choice of either of these 2 cabins as there are 2 couples. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  10. I was hoping that someone would be familiar with either of these two cabins, I understand about the promenade but some have the metal structures, etc. I'm trying to determine if either one of these has a clearer view. Would love feedback. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  11. Anyone familiar with the obstructions on these promenade deck cabins? I realize there is a walkway outside the window, but do either have other metal structural or other obstructions? Trying to decide! Also for an itinerary of Nassau, Cococay and Keywest - is starboard or port side best? Thanks!
  12. I took offer of Ocean View comp on Majesty. I know this is an older ship, and have never stayed in an Ocean View but couldn't pass it up. Is there any way to find out how the bed/window are situated in particular cabins? I can't find any you tube or information online. Cabins 7046 and 7542. I know they are 4N category - 25% obstructed. Does anyone know what I will be looking at or dealing with? Thanks!
  13. Can anyone that has cruised lately comment on whether the casino has any of the newer machines? Would love to hear some feedback on the casino over all. Also, if there are any URComped members here that can comment on any perks they received or give feedback on their comped cruise, it would be appreciated! Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  14. We will be in a Grand Suite on Adventure of the Seas for a Canada New England Cruise. We have been in a Grand Suite before on Brilliance and Oasis and found the perks varied greatly, depending the ship. Just wondering about things such as: is there a special location for suite guests for breakfast and lunch, is there a separate place for Suite guests in the Wind Jammed, what is the concierge lounge like, food served, etc. I realize there is no Coastal Kitchen. Also, if you have My Time Dining, or at other meal times, and there are long lines, as a Suite Guest do you get any prefer
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