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  1. My husband and I just got off a cruise that stopped in Barcelona. A fellow passenger informed us that when he was on the underground a crowd of gypsies surrounded he and his wife and stole his wallet out of his front pocket and also slashed the strap on her purse. In doing so they lacerated her finger and she needed 7 stitches. They spent the remainder of the day in the ER and Police station until midnight. Based on that we decided not to use the underground. Not to be an alarmist but you do need to be careful. We are home now and frankly I could be robbed here tomorrow in my own hometown but I got very tired of being nervous about being robbed and constantly solicited. Did enjoy the trip however.
  2. susiesailor

    Caftan to go to pool?

    Thanks for the information. Much appreciated.
  3. susiesailor

    All you can eat laundry

    Thank you
  4. susiesailor

    All you can eat laundry

    Do you know how much the laundry cost is for a single in a cabin? Same as duo? Thanks
  5. susiesailor

    Caftan to go to pool?

    To cut down on luggage I am thinking of wearing a caftan to go from my cabin to the pool. Would that look out of place? It is a flower print and long. I've always worn them at home but don't want to pack another suit cover up.
  6. susiesailor

    Air temperature on the Mediterranean

    Thanks for the info. Very much appreciated.
  7. susiesailor

    St. Petersburg- Ship's tour or private tour?

    We also used Red October. Joined a couple from our roll call. Red October took us around for 2 says. Excellent guide and driver. Would love to go back. The Baltic cruise we took was the best one ever.
  8. susiesailor

    Air temperature on the Mediterranean

    Anyone know how cold/warm the air temperature is once the ship is sailing? Are warm jackets needed on the decks? Talking the end of September/beginning of October. Thanks
  9. susiesailor

    Help with shore excursion gooblygook

    Thanks to all for your replies. I'll go ahead and book the 2 that we really want.
  10. Read the info on the HA website but I am not clear what the policy is for the following. If reservations for a shore excursion are made online and you are unable to take the cruise what is the refund policy. I see 3 days, 5 days, etc., etc., What happens if the day before you are to sail you can't go. Do you have to forfeit the monies that were paid for the excursions? Might as well wait to board if that is the case. Right??
  11. susiesailor

    RomeinLimo with walking difficulty

    If we do the RomeinLimo tour how close do we get to the sights? My husband is still recovering from ankle surgery and while he can walk he can't do long distances. 1) If we go to the Colliseum can the car get us fairly close? We thought he would be further along in his recovery but not so sure and we leave in a month. 2) What are some sights you would recommend we see where we can get fairly close? Thanks for your help. Signed Sue and Gimpy :)
  12. susiesailor

    Italy may go on strike

    Why was this port missed/cancelled? This is on our upcoming itinerary. What did they do instead? Thanks
  13. susiesailor

    Italy may go on strike

    Thanks TLC Ohio. Good info and I won't push the panic button.
  14. susiesailor

    Italy may go on strike

    Just read in the WSJ that Italy may go on strike due to the governments new austerity measures. Not a good thing. Our trip starts September 21st. Anyone read/hear anything?
  15. susiesailor

    Rome Cabs vs. Rome Cab

    Has anyone used Rome CAB for a transfer? I have read a great deal about Rome CABS but can't find anything about Rome Cab(no S) It is also a limo service and they are a fair amount less expensive so just wondering if anyone out there has any info. Thanks.