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  1. I really appreciate all of the feedback. As suggested, I went back and looked at my credit card statements. Sure enough, the payments were made to Celebrity for part and to a company called Nexion for $450 and "Travel Agent Service Fee" for $900 - totaling the amount that is missing from my refund. Am I screwed? Should I dispute these charges with Citibank?
  2. Ahhhh...I didn't name the travel agency. I named the website that you use to request bids - Cruise Compete. Thanks for the advice.
  3. Cruise refund question: When we cancelled our April Celebrity cruise we were given the choice of 125% credit for a future sailing or a refund. I couldn’t find a future cruise we wanted to take so we opted for a refund. We were only refunded roughly 75% of the cruise cost and when I called, Celebrity said they were aware of the problem and I could expect the rest to be refunded in 4-6 weeks. After six weeks I called and was told they couldn’t do anything because it was a “group” reservation, which it was not. (I booked using a travel agent I found using *****.com). They told m
  4. We have also had good experiences with Kay's and a couple of other SM jewelers. It is the way to go.
  5. Where did you find the tour that you downloaded? I would like to do the same. Thanks.
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