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    Holiday Inn Westbank Gretna

    Anyone have any experience with pre-cruise stay with park and cruise option at the Holiday Inn West Bank Gretna ? Any trouble with the parking and leaving you car ? Shuttle to the pier ? Taxi to the pier ? Area of hotel feel safe for leaving your car ? Thank you for ANY INFORMATION.
  2. 4girlsgrandma

    precruise hotel and parking

    Anyone have any current info on hotels in New Orleans that allow parking during a cruise after a precruise stay ? I seem to find only old info . Looking for a one or two night hotel stay pre cruise with paking for my car during cruise.
  3. 4girlsgrandma


    wow.... haven't thought about her in a long time. My first cruise ! I thought she was so big. Dining room waiter was Antonio...such a nice guy ! I had no idea how to "prepare" for the rocking & rolling in and out of Nassau and got seasick. Antonio "adopted" me as a patient ...gave me crackers and informed me "no drink, no other eat"...LOL Had a ball and by today's standards she had no bells or whistles... :)