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  1. Just added that to my Calendar. No Hawaii cruises on the Miracle in 2022.
  2. Post #3 has a cabin picture. We are home now. We went from Miami to L.A. though the canal.
  3. Last picture post. We didn't get to Cabo, so I'm posting a few pictures from the ship. I hope you all enjoyed the blog, those of you who read it, and I hope the rest of you enjoyed the pictures. Until we all cruise again!
  4. More pics from Costa Rica
  5. Wow. The good news is you made it. I was worried that our flight would have been cancelled. So glad you made it home.
  6. Thanks. What happened on your flight home?
  7. Our first stop is Columbia.
  8. More pictures from the ship.
  9. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. The staff is great.
  10. Pictures from around the ship.
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