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  1. You can't take the same ship, but you can take a different ship. The Jones act is the problem, you can't leave from a USA port and go to another USA port without going to a foreign port. If you go on two different ships, you are fine.
  2. The taxi from the train station to Pier 91 was $20. It's a little less in Vancouver from the station to Canada Place. We took the Sky Train this time in Vancouver. The Sky Train station is just across the park from the train station and goes right to Canada Place.
  3. We've done that three times, sailed one ship into Vancouver and another one back to Seattle or down the coast. Great fun. Had one cruise that started in Seattle and went up to Alaska, then ended in Vancouver. It worked out great for us.
  4. Thank you for your comments. A one day cruise is a fun weekend for us. We get three meals, a train ride, entertainment, all for one low price.
  5. It seems almost silly to go on a one day cruise, but we enjoy them. It makes for a fun weekend. I did a short blog post on it too. http://clarkanddeb.blogspot.com/2019/10/fall-one-day-cruise-2019.html It was the third time we've been on the ship. We also go on a lot of three to five day cruises up and down the coast. We live right between Seattle and Vancouver Canada, so it makes it easy to get to the cruise port. We take the Amtrak because Seattle's roads are insane.
  6. I guess I'm the odd one out here. I thought they were all at 7 and 9. My first cruise was hal, even though it hooked me on cruising it was a long time before I returned. Now they are on my watch list when I go anywhere. The Billboard on Board and BB King are wonderful. I'm not much for the production shows anyway.
  7. We haven't been brand loyal over the years. I have had good meals and bad meals on the same cruise line. In my opinion its my reliant on the head chef than it is on the cruise line itself.
  8. There was a separate shower. They also had a shower head in the jetted tub.
  9. Holland America royalty program goes from one-star to five-star. I'm at the bottom. We had a Signature Suite on the Eurodam.
  10. Here is some stateroom pictures. I'm glad I upgraded, it was awesome to have that much room. The bathroom was bigger than the one in my house. The side of the bed closer to the wall was the most comfortable. You would think it would be the same. Spacious balcony.
  11. Here are some more pictures... The diver is in the middle. He didn't have tanks, but the air-hose the man in orange vest is rolling up. They used diving silver diving helmets that attached to the ring ournd the man's neck. I haven't seen this, up close and personal before. There were at least two divers down there. The captain said they were fixing and electrical problem. The ceiling at the King Street Station in Seattle. For years this was covered up by a drop down ceiling that looked terrible. I'm glad they wised up and tore all that our so we can see the historical one. It's beautiful. King Street Station with Safeco Field in the background. The bus leaves from this area. It has to turn around there. It involves some backing and forthing.
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