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  1. I got the FCC email last week for our cancelled March sailing saying our FCC was ready but when I hit the “ download “ button to open the FCC certificate get the same message. I booked through an agent but called MSC direct. The rep looked up our account and said the credit was there but I would need to have my agent call. She could not tell me the amount. I Emailed my agent with this news who then called MSC and was told the credit was indeed still being processed. I picked up the phone again and called MSC . This rep gave me the amount and the credit was 125 % of the Yacht Club Suite we had
  2. March 21 Seaside Yacht Club FCC.........still waiting. No return of the $ 385 of taxes.
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    125% FCC

    We were booked on the Seaside for this past Saturday 3/21/20. We actually canceled a week before MSC canceled our cruise. Our agent was first told by MSC that her request on our behalf for a FCC was denied because we canceled. Agent went back and escalated the request with an appeal and advised us to be patient as MSC told her they would review our “ case”. Really appreciate the professionalism and persistence of our agent. She sent us this email this morning. As shown the certificate will come in two weeks.... Dear ++++++Your MSC Cruise Assurance Form has
  4. We had a Yacht Club sailing on the Seaside on 3/21/20 out of Miami. Had our agent cancel the cruise last Friday on got a confirm this past Monday 3/10/20 of the cancellation. With the news of MSC ceasing sailing from Miami I emailed my agent to contact MSC to see if we can take the option of 125% credit for a future sailing. My agent sent me an email back saying they were working each client one at a time and advised me to be patient. I called MSC direct gave my Voyager’s Black Card ( now Platinum) number, then hit the prompt for Yacht Club sailing and a MSC rep answered within 3 min
  5. I have a Yacht Club sailing on the Seaside on March 21 out of Miami. Was to be our second SS Yacht Club expérience. With the situation now with the Grand Princess off the coast of San Francisco, we decided last night to cancel. Miami also has an Ultimate Music Festival on 3/20 - 3/22 with over 70,000 people from 50 countries around the world . Just don’t feel comfortable. Thank goodness we have a cancel for any reason at 75% of loses. Delta was kind to redeposit my 160,000 points with no penalty for our first class seats. Hilton canceled our hotel reservations on South Beach and redeposit
  6. https://www.kron4.com/health/coronavirus/grand-princess-cruise-cancels-call-to-mexico-will-return-to-san-francisco-after-cdc-says-it-is-investigating-small-cluster-of-coronavirus-cases-linked-to-ship/
  7. CDC on masks https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/about/prevention-treatment.html
  8. Oh, that darn “ dreaded asterisk “ Thanks for posting. We are in the YC (second time ) on the Seaside next month . So I will purchase the internet package prior as a did the last time.
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