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  1. Thank You. Prayers for your mom.
  2. Very good information. Thank You
  3. Would this be true also if you used a third party
  4. We want to book a cruise but are worried if we have to cancel. With aging parents and other family members , something may come up to make us have to cancel. Is trip insurance the only way to get a refund for a cancellation. We are interested in a Carnival cruise. Will cruiselines give you a refund if you cancel so many days before your trip.
  5. My wife and I were on the Freedom a few years ago. We were enjoying the serenity deck. It was a very hot day. My wife was reading and I needed to cool off. I said , I am going down the slide and dip in the pool. I slid down the slide and cooled off in the pool. As I started back up the stairs , my bare feet were on fire. I jump from shaded spot to shaded spot trying to get back up to the serenity deck. I couldn’t make it. The deck was hot enough to fry an egg. I flagged down a waiter and tried explaining to him my predicament. It took a few tries to make him understand. I needed him to go up and retrieve my flip flops. He comes back down with my flip flops on a tray. My wife said a guy just came up here and took your flip flops lol. That waiter received a very nice tip. From now on , I hold my flip flops across my chest when going down the slide.
  6. I have read about the alchemy bar and how great it is. What makes it so great. We haven’t sailed in 6 years.
  7. I think y’all are like us. We are light home drinkers as well. I like to have a drink when grilling out or at social gatherings. I would probably do what you did and waste too much time trying to get my moneys worth. I think we will just place money aside for drinks. Your point of view is spot on for us.
  8. Are you automatically given better alcohol if you are cheers or do you have to ask for it.
  9. Did you find yourself drinking more than you normally would , especially on port days trying to break even.
  10. We enjoyed the all you can drink at the resorts in Mexico. The cheer program would give you the Resort feel of being able to almost drink all you want. It’s kind of like gambling. You are taking a chance on if you can drink enough to at least break even. Our last cruise bar tab was only 350 dollars for the week. Now if I knew that I could have 15 drinks a day , I would certainly drink more. In Mexico , I was drinking tequila sunrises and mimosas for breakfast simply because they were free. I would do the same with cheers and order mimosas along with premium coffee.
  11. I am curious if anyone thought they made a mistake purchasing the Cheers program. I was thinking on port days , if we would be away too long to get our moneys worth. It would be nice to have mimosas in the morning along with special coffees. I would kick myself though if we didn’t drink enough to make it worthwhile.
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