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  1. I just decided "to go" another very popular cruise site. Set parameters for June to September 2020. FFL - None Canaveral - Lots Miami - Lots Tampa - Lots I assume the ships that sail Alaska in the summer must come from Florida 😃
  2. My DH and I sailed the Sunshine in December. We always use late fixed dining. I emailed the maitre'd 5 days before our cruise (it was on an 11 day journeys cruise at that time) I asked for a large table in the aft dining room because we enjoy meeting people and we eat in the MDR every night I asked for the aft dining room because DH has mobility issues. I also asked JH to put my request in as well. We boarded and I went to check ... we were assigned a table for 2 in the mid-ship dining room. I went to the assigned location for the maitre'd to see about a change - best he said he cou
  3. A problem might be who's determining what's offensive. example - 1/2 the country think MAGA hats are cool - another percentage would say they're offensive. We sailed the Sunshine earlier this month and I didn't see any shirts that " contain nudity, profanity, sexual innuendo/suggestions .... there was one MAGA hat ... freedom of speech?
  4. My DH always needs the wheelchair assistance so we notify Carnival with the Online Check-in (there's a place to check off boxes on what you'll need. When we reach the port I tell the first Carnival employee I see (not the porters - they work for the port authority) that he needs wheelchair assistance to board and they take it from there getting someone with a ship wheelchair to push him to check-in and boarding. They let him off in the Atrium. We either move very slowly to the Lido Deck or I go to the cabin and get the transport chair we rented and come back to get him there. On
  5. My DH has mobility issues - he can walk short distances and needs nothing getting around the cabin - so we've started renting a wheelchair from Scootaround. They deliver it to the cabin before we get there and pick it up from there late the last morning. Somebody like him doesn't need an accessible cabin because when we get to the door he stands and we fold it. The last cruise we had a regular wheelchair - this one we've opted for a Transport Chair. Everywhere we go on board we go together so it's easier for me to maneuver the smaller transport chair. We always request Wheelc
  6. Thanks for the replies! It's a bit of a "hobby" of ours to watch the sail-aways from Charleston with live ship map and the Charleston "live 5 news" webcams. 🙂 RWolver672 .... thanks especially for the link 😉
  7. Anybody have a clue why the Sunshine is already docked at Charleston. She normally comes in after 3am. She sails again tomorrow afternoon. ------------------------------------------ Now 5 minutes after I first noticed her docked .... she's backing up like they do to sail away. 🤔
  8. If I remember correctly the playoffs were available in the Red Frog Pub and the Casino but they were NOT available in the cabins. Alot of passengers wore team shirts representing their favorites
  9. We sailed the Sunshine for 7 days out of Canaveral and loved it. When we learned she was going to sail out of Charleston (near our home) 5 months later we booked the same ship AND the same cabin. It was nice knowing the layout of the ship. In that period of time the CD, cabin staff, piano guy, and MDR staff were all different so it felt like a different experience. Even the passenger vibe was different - still good but different. IMHO and based on our experience, it's the staff that make the difference not the floor plan.🙂
  10. MD NOW Urgent Care has Rapid INR Testing 3 locations in the Ft Lauderdale area ... I'd check the link and call the clinic of your choice to be sure https://www.mymdnow.com/locations/broward-county-urgent-care/ I would assume that if this place does it there are others as well. I googled walk in clinic in ft lauderdale fl then checked websites for INR Test
  11. Do of those "Doc in a box" kind of clinics do the INR tests ? Seems that in FLA they might as there are so many retirees down there. My DH's Dr office uses a hand held gadget that only takes a finger stick and one drop of blood. The results show on the screen in less than a minute. I wonder if you could rent one of those for a couple of weeks from a medical supply company.
  12. We stay at the Hampton Inn Patriots Point every time we go to Charleston for any reason. It's a quick jump to Shem Creek for dinner - lots of excellent seafood / low country restaurants. The Sunshine is our favorite Carnival ship - not too big and not too small. We like a deck 7 balcony near the aft elevators so go up and you are between the Havanna Bar with lots of tables for seating/eating and the Lido Buffet with the pool at it's far end. Elevator down takes you to the MDRs on 2 and 3 or the 5th deck Ocean Plaza / Red Frog Pub / Alchemy Bar
  13. Thank You Bill !! This is exactly what I was looking forward to ... DH thanks you as well 😁
  14. Did you happen to see the room service menu? Are there still items besides breakfast that are "free" ? I googled but couldn't find anything recent after Jan when they put $$ on everything but breakfast and then retreated saying they would reinstate later, Thanks
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