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  1. We always travel with a small can of the Off Spray (they have a dry version that isn’t as smelly) and we spray our ankles. We have made many friends sharing our spray as they wish they had thought to bring some. It can definitely save your vacation.
  2. I appreciate this review very much. We were here probably 10 years ago and were wanting to visit again this upcoming April and bring some friends who are first time cruisers so I am doing research. I am looking for a drink menu/prices. They did have yummy frozen drinks years ago.
  3. I hate paying more too but I know what it cost even at the grocery store and they are having it delivered and loaded on a ship and labor to take it to each individual stateroom. Even when we were allowed to carry on water I would rather pay for it than carry that heavy water. And I MUST drink my daily water when I am eating the types of foods and indulging like we do on a vacation. So…a entire case of water is actually less than one alcoholic beverage 💁‍♀️
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