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  1. We were in 1131 on the Summit -- convenient to the Sunset Bar and Oceanview Cafe.
  2. We had a large golf umbrella and a small collapsible one on May 31 cruise.
  3. You shouldn't have any trouble at all doing all those things. The town is very compact and easy to maneuver on foot. There is a great map and booklet in the visitor's center. This is also where you get your hand stamped for the hop on/hop off shuttle. Also, make sure you pick up a card that lists all the stops for the hop on/hop off. The shuttles are very efficient and run in a continuous loop. Even if you just miss one, the next one is about fifteen minutes behind. The driver's are very friendly and informative and point out things along the way. The unfinished church, Fort and various beaches are all shuttle stops. Hope you have a great trip.
  4. I love planning to utilize my time the best I can. I hate to find out on Thursday that the Habor Night's event was on Wednesday LOL. Have a great trip and some fun planning!
  5. We just shared the ticket booklet and it worked out perfectly. You can buy your tokens at Dockyard. I had brought along a roll of quarters ($10) and if the lines for tokens would have been too long I planned on just paying $5 per person to get on the ferry and then get the ticket booklet at the ferry terminal when we got off. They will not accept paper money but U.S. Coins are accepted for fares. As it turns out the line was so short, I bought two tokens for $9 and off we went. I bought the tickets and they were super easy to use. There are fare boxes and you just deposit one as you get on the ferry or bus.
  6. Iheartbds --Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures. Our St. George's Day was our favorite day. I Would not have wanted to miss it. The ferry ride is beautiful and because you are on the water and seeing so many things, the time went so quickly. Also, the hop on, hop off trolley is a bargain at $6 p/p and really let's you get to the Fort and surrounding beaches with little effort. Our driver even made an impromptu stop so that we could see the cove where the turtles were swimming. They have done so much work to spruce up Somers' Gardens. The plants and flowers were beautiful and all the plants were labeled for identification.
  7. You only need one ticket for the ferry or the bus. We just did this multiple times, the first week of June.
  8. We just came back and used the public transportation and it is fabulous! Saw lots of families using the ferry. There were plenty of seats where it was convenient to park the baby stroller. The two year olds seemed to enjoy snacking or napping. have a great trip.
  9. Your calculations are correct. 1. Yes, the tourist board confirmed that the buses and ferries will take U.S. Coins. I had a roll of quarters just in case I needed them. the ferry fare in cash is $5. When we got off the ship the line was so small, we waited for tokens and saved $.50 each, as tokens are $4.50. 2. yes, the buses and ferries take one token or one ticket. The ticket book has perforated tickets and you just rip them out. When you get on, there will be a fare box. just drop it in. Don't forget to say Good morning. 3.You will not be able to get a refund for unused tickets but you can save them for a future trip or pass them on. I gave mine to a crew member because they do get off the ship in port. just figure what you need and go from there. The ticket book for fifteen is $37.50 or tokens are $4.50. 4. St. George does sell the ticket books in the ferry terminal. When you get off the ferry, it is right there with maps, brochures and rest rooms. Also, if you are changing bus lines, you can ask the driver for a transfer when you board and it is included in the same fare. You should ask for the transfer as you board and when you pay.
  10. When you get off the ferry, the foot traffic will be feeding you onto Water Street. As you walk towards Town Square Art Mel's will be on the left hand side. They have a big sign outside so you cannot miss it. reverse it and if walking back to the ferry, it would then be on your right hand side. If you are lucky enough to be on that first ferry of the day and taking the walking tour with the former Mayor, he will point it out to you. It's near the Tucker House Museum.
  11. They are both great in different ways. The Swizzle has a nice second story balcony so you can dine outdoors and people watch. It is not near the beach so the view is of an ice cream stand and people coming and going from the caves. We shared a small pitcher of rum Swizzles and a fish sandwich with fries on the side. Our bill with tip was $42.00. The meal was great and it was a great way to rest up after the caves. Most of the patrons were tourists. The server was a young guy from Slovakia. Art Mel's Spicey Dicey is a simple place with a few tables and booths. It was very clean. You go up to a counter and order your meal and while you wait everyone talks to you. There was a mix of tourists and local people. you can dine in or take out. The fish sandwich is huge and you really should share it unless you want to be stuffed to the gills! Believe me, we are good eaters and sharing was no problem. There is no alcohol served. Our bill was $15.00 with tip. We met a nice Bermudian couple who decided to eat in and we talked through the whole meal. Just because of the total experience, my vote goes to Art Mel's. I also liked my meal there better. I have been dreaming of that sandwich since I got home. You will enjoy both places. Have a great trip -- can I stow away in your cabin?
  12. Redtravel -- have to agree with you the terminal was fantastic! The whole embarkation and disembarkation were effortless, the lines minimal and service great! We really were lucky to have such a wonderful cruise. The weather in Bermuda was perfect. We had a great time and I would return to the Summit in the future.
  13. Azulann-- we had an aft cabin in Alaska and I fell in love just like you mentioned. On summit, Deck 11 is fabulous for going down the stairs and having the Sunset bar and entrance to Oceanview right there.
  14. SailPro--we took the ferry to Hamilton. As soon as you get off the ferry, you go inside the transportation center and they are selling the ticket books right there. The tickets are perforated and you rip one out as you need it and put it in the fare box as you enter a bus or the ferry. Very simple! Also, you can purchase them in the post offices. When we got off the ship, the line at the tourist info booth was so short that we bought the two tokens to use on the ferry to Hamilton. Tokens are 4.50 each. However, you can pay your fare as you are getting on the ferry. They do not take dollar bills, just change. I wrote to the tourist board and you can use U.S. Coins. I brought a roll of quarters ($10) which would have been enough to cover the two $5 fares for the ferry if the lines would have been too long to wait. Even spending $9 or $10 for the fare into Hamilton, plus the ticket book, we came out far ahead of buying the passes. Just figure out how many rides you need and weigh it. We used fourteen tickets -- so that was great for us. danyel -- Harbor Nights was fun, but I would not give up another activity to do it. We toured Hamilton, went to the caves and Swizzle Inn, Shopped along Front Street, had drinks at Flannigan's and were in town right in time for the start of Harbour Nights. They close Front Street to traffic and vendors set up their wares on folding tables that line both sides of the street. Food trucks are parked and selling stuff to eat and there are information booths for local organizations. Kids were getting faces painted and collecting balloons. If you wanted to wait in line, Goslings gave out a small sample cup of rum or a drink . It is like a street fair and does get very crowded. Funinthesun -- sounds like you had a wonderful trip too! We were blessed with spectacular weather, weren't we? We were on the same ferry to St. George's with you on Thursday! I will dream about Art Mel's for a long time!!
  15. LOL -- no gingerbread for me but the BEST meal I had on land or sea! Lots of fun chatting too. A couple was getting their meal to go and eat at home and ended up opening their bag and sharing stories with us while we all ate our yummy lunch! eefromsharon --The bus and ferry service was so efficient. Never a long wait and everyone was so pleasant. I feel like we really got to see a lot by traveling on the buses. Remember to greet people -- everyone is polite and friendly. I loved St.George's -- it is so beautiful and the architecture and colors are lovely. If you take the first ferry in the morning, the former Mayor gives commentary on the way over and points out lots of things to see. Once off the ferry, he does a free walking tour of the town. The tour lasted 90 minutes. We ended at the town square in time for the Ducking if the wench re-enactment. We stopped to eat lunch at Art Mel's -- the fish sandwich was to die for -- one was easily enough to feed two people. After lunch we took the new beach shuttle for $6.00 -- it is hop off and hop on. the shuttle loops Penno's Wharf, Town Square, Unfinished Church, Tobacco Bay Beach (changing facilities available). Achilles Bay Beach, Beach House Restaurant, Fort St. Catherine's, Alexandria Battery Beach, Gate's Fort, and the Dinghy Club. They stamp your hand and you ride all day. Very easy and very frequent. Wee took the 3:30 ferry back and had an enjoyable full day. This actually was my favorite day. Any other questions, no problem!
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