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  1. Starsjohn, I just sent Celebrity an e-mail requesting them to provide some CD burners aboard the Xpedition as it would save a bunch of us from having to purchase a large amount of memory cards that would never be used once back home. Maybe they will consider it. Anyone who is interested should also sent an e-mail to Celebrity so they could see that there is interest.
  2. The water is cold due to the upwellings from the Humbolt current - a deep water current from the Anarctic that carries a lot of nutrients and oxygen. So, even though they are on the equator, unfortunately the water of the Galapagos Is are cold. I wish the ship had a computer with cd burner that guests could use so we wouldn't have to lug around the laptop. I wonder if Celebrity would consider it.
  3. Cayohueso - you have been so helpful. Besides memory cards I better back an extra duffel for all these purchases. I think this trip will be a good opportunity for me to practice my "Spanglish" - somehow I manage to get my point accross. 4 years of high school spanish really comes in handy when traveling! We really like the Cannon underwater housings - they are priced well compared to a lot of the housings on the market. We took it to Tahiti on the Windstar last November and got some great shots.
  4. Thanks again for the great info. We have a Cannon S400 digital camera with an underwater housing that takes pretty good pix. I guess it's time to stock up on memory cards! I also appreciate the advice about altitude sickness. Was there much stuff to buy in Quito? Thanks again.
  5. Thanks Cayohueso for the scuba info. Did you bring your own full wetsuit? I have a full 5 mm suit I am thinking of bringing as I am always cold diving. Maybe the water will be a touch warmer in December :) I am tossed up as it will take up precious poundage in the 30 lb allowance. Did you adhere to the luggage weight limit?
  6. Cayohueso, My husband & I are booked for 12/5 on the Xpedition and would like to know what information you have on the diving on this trip. Particularly how often/how many are dives offered, do they conflict with other shore excursions, are there any must do dives? What depths are done and what is the water temp? Is there a dive master on the ship or does Celebrity use a local dive operator? Sorry for so many ?? Anything else would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dara.
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