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  1. Ew. Will always have a special place in my pit of hatred for the Saints for their bounties and what they did to my boy Favre.
  2. Mmm fried bologna and potato chip sammich. Thanks Blerk! Now I gotta make one.
  3. Lmao no one said their question was invalid? Tone down the hostility bro. I was simply relating my experience with Carnival and boarding a ship. Sorry if that upsets you. Platinum and Diamonds are allowed to drop off their luggage upon embarkation. Simple as that. No invalidating, no disputing, no saying the TC is wrong. I’m simply telling my experience from July.
  4. They literally told us to remove our mask before standing in front of the screen.
  5. Not if you’re platinum/diamond. My email specifically said I was allowed to drop my luggage off even though the room may not be ready. So dropped off I did. No problem.
  6. Was on the Horizon July 18th. Been home pretty much a month now, myself nor anyone else in my group for Covid. People are making this out to be much bigger than it is. I rather be on a ship with 95% vaccinated folks than go to my local grocery store. When I’m home, I instacart my groceries. Peeps are nuts!
  7. Yep. I unsubbed after that. Seemed super melodramatic to me, they were on like 4 cruises since the restart. But I felt the precautions Carnival took even before the mask and the test, were good enough.
  8. You’re most likely absolutely right. Just nothing surprises me these days. So it could happen. Lol
  9. If you’re platinum/diamond, you can drop luggage off. Don’t expect the room to be ready nor your sail and sign cards to be available. Didn’t get ours until 1:30. But doesn’t hurt to check and see.
  10. They truly are awesome. All the different olives oh and bacon, yes bacon folks! Not counting the veggie infused vodka is a treat as well. They let me try some by itself and it’s quite tasty.
  11. A lot can change between now and then! For whatever it’s worth, on recent Horizon cruises I’ve seen pics of people with the cans of Mich Ultra.
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