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  1. So, we are new to MSC and the Yacht Club. We were wondering if you tip your butler and assistant butler or are the "hotel service charges" set up for that? The only other time we've cruised in a suite we tipped our concierge team. Otherwise, we just did the suggested amounts, although on the last few cruises on RC we brought little gifts to give our room stewards at the beginning of the cruise (I think it was chocolates), too. Anyway, just wanted to be sure we had cash if we need it. We leave in a few days!
  2. Good to know. Thanks for the info. I definitely appreciate a dress code. Just want to make sure we pack what we need.
  3. We're sailing in the Yacht Club on Seaside at the end of May. I'm curious about the dress codes in the YC Restaurant, especially in the evenings and on the formal nights. I have a teenage son and a husband who refuses to wear a tie on vacation, so I'm wondering if nice shorts/pants and collared/polo shirts will be appropriate? Thanks for your review. Very helpful!
  4. Thank you all so much for the information. That helps a lot. I did do a status match but we weren't quite high enough to get matched to Black yet. Guess I'll have to take a few more cruises... I know we're still almost six months out, but I am just so excited I want to figure everything out!
  5. So, our family has been loyal to Royal (Caribbean) for several years and love the Oasis class ships, but after doing some research, I feel like we just can't beat the value of staying in the yacht club. We've stayed in a suite on Disney cruise line and were very happy with it, but suites are not typically in our budget. We've never cruised on MSC, so I have a lot of questions that I can't seem to find good answers for here. We've just booked a two week Caribbean cruise on the Seaside in late May/early June, and I am so excited! I cannot wait to try out the YC! Any help you can give this planner (affectionately called the "cruise director" by her family) would be greatly appreciated! 1) Do you have to pay for the specialty restaurants (besides the YC one)? If so, are there any discounts for YC? 2) Are any of the amusement activities (zip line, bowling, etc.) included or do we need to buy packages for them? 3) Will MSC reach out to me at some point before the cruise to set things up or ask about our preferences or will we just need to wait until we get onboard? I only ask because the Disney concierge team emails you a couple of months ahead of time to start working on your plans. 4) How is the internet onboard? If we are going to be gone for two full weeks, my husband will need to check in on work a few times. Is that included in YC or should we pre-buy the premium internet package? 5) If anyone has cruised recently, how is the dress for teenage boys, particularly on formal nights? I've seen a few different answers, and I know my son would love it if he could wear shorts most nights, with the exception of something nicer on formal nights. I would expect we will eat most of our meals in the YC restaurant, based on all of the wonderful reviews I've been reading. I'm sure I'll come up with more as I go, but this will help get me started. Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.
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