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  1. cathi007

    St Maarten with a 1 year old baby?

    We will be traveling with out DD, S-I-L, grandson 3, grand daughter 14 months. We didn't take our kids on cruises until they we about 8, so I am very nervous. It's nice that you have taken your baby 4 times already. Any tips or tricks would be much appreciated. Luckily for my DD her mom and dad will be on the cruise, so we are giving them 4 "date" nights :). In St. Martin we plan on going to Orient Bay, it's our favorite beach. It will be interesting to see how Abby does, as she has never been to the beach before. I know you can look at Great Bay, we honeymooned there 34 years ago. They have some beach front resorts that are nice
  2. cathi007

    Why Curacao THEN Aruba then Bonaire?

    Yeah I know but it's either the hot summer or the really expensive Christmas break 😞
  3. Thanks so much for this. Did you do or hear about canvas and you? It's a painting thing. I really really want to do that, I hope I can get in. Also where and when did you book the comedy club?? Another thing I want to do 🙂
  4. cathi007

    Why Curacao THEN Aruba then Bonaire?

    That is an awesome itinerary!!!! It stinks, I am a teacher and can't go now, I wish they had that itinerary during the summer
  5. cathi007

    In Port Until 11pm. What to Do?

    Wow that is awesome to get to spend so much time on the island!!! I could only wish. We are there 10-7pm. Enjoy! I would go to Orient for the day and then Phillipsburg for shopping, dinner, and sunset. Have fun
  6. cathi007

    Friar's Bay Beach?

    I was there 3 years ago at Karakter on Simpson Bay Beach. It was beautiful, quite, and the food was awesome. I'm not sure how much everything cost, but I know it was a good deal. If I wasn't going to Orient on my next cruise Simpson would be my next choice. Enjoy 🙂
  7. cathi007

    Shopping close to port

    I usually get off the ship in PR and just go shopping. I haven't been there since the hurricane and was wondering if the shops near the port are still open. I always go to the CVS and other markets near by. I have been to San Juan so many times and the hours we will be there are so late in the day
  8. cathi007

    Bermuda Wedding

    A friend of mine had a beautiful beach weeding all planned out last year in Florida, on the beach....And wouldn't you know it, a hurricane came in the day before and destroyed everything. Everyone was evacuated and the wedding was called off. No to be a debbie downer, but maybe she should look into Aruba, much better weather year round. Good luck
  9. I was impatiently waiting for someone to post a review on the first 14 night of the season. I sail her on Jan 20th, which is the Southern 14 night. I will be following your review and look forward to everything you have to say, thanks 🙂
  10. cathi007

    Cruise inside cabin but eat in the Haven?

    Ridiculous video!!! If they want special treatment they have to pay for it!!!! I watched for about 5 mins, 5 mins I will never get back. They are a bunch of losers!!!!
  11. cathi007

    Movies On The Escape

    Thanks 🙂 I will be waiting for your review 🙂
  12. cathi007

    Plus size cruisers and the ropes course?

    Thanks, good to know, sneakers are coming 🙂
  13. I am on the following cruise 😉
  14. 38 days until I Escape to the Southern Caribbean....14 nights of beautiful vacation 🙂