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  1. Did this on majesty last month. The cost was $25pp. Totally worth it. The tour was fascinating, the mimosas were indeed bottomless and the food was delicious. There were breakfast and lunch options plus dessert and service was sit down. All in all, a very enjoyable two hours and only half the cost of 10 minute bingo that cost $47.
  2. Just off Majesty. We had a rectangle. We were actually a party of 7 and were supposed to have an 8 top but it was only set for 6. They added a place at end and we were fine.
  3. Just off Majesty out of Ft Lauderdale. My friend somehow lost her set sail pass between hotel and port. When we got there, they said no problem. Looked at her passport and let us go through. We were using handicap assistance so they took us right thru to check in. They asked her birth date and we were good to go.
  4. I replied in depth earlier but forgot to add See if universal is offered as an excursion. If it is, then you'd only have to worry about getting back to the bus on time. Even if a little pricier than doing on your own, it's a much better option than worrying about missing the ship.
  5. As many others have said, technically it's doable but certainly not advisable or enjoyable. I live in Orlando and go to universal at least once a month. Assume ship arrives on time and you are one of first off ship. You're outside and waiting for an uber by 1:30. Dont even think about renting a car because it would take up time and cost another $25 for parking. With no traffic at all, it's an hour away. The walk from drop off to security and entrance is 20 minutes. Assume you have tickets and no lines to get in. You're at 3pm. Unless you get super lucky, the wait time for the ride will be anywhere from 60-90 minutes. That puts you at 4 pm after just one ride. You would then have time for one more ride and possibly some looking around. Also, unless it's summertime, the park will close early. And if it's anytime btwn Sept 1st and Oct 31st, they will close by 6pm for Halloween horror nights. If ship leaves at 10, you'd have to be back by 930. It will take at least 30 minutes to exit the park and get an uber. Another hour to get to port. You'd have to leave park by 730 at latest. Add to the time hassle, the cost for a 2 park ticket with tax is just under $200. For a family of 4, that's $800 to "enjoy" 4 hours and 2 rides in the park. Add another $200 for an uber (approx $100 each way). You know your family better than anyone but $1000 to see Harry potter and rush through the day doesn't seem like the bgest idea. Good luck and have fun whatever you choose to do.
  6. Not sure about the answer to your question but just thought I'd add my perspective on dining. To me, one of the "perks" and enjoyment of traveling with a group of friends or family is the ability to all do your own thing during the day and then everyone coming together at dinnertime. Talk about your day, compare experiences, laugh and enjoy. Also, one or two nights in a specialty restaurant would ve fine but if I were part of the group and one couple didn't want to dine with the rest of us on most nights, I might feel a little slighted and feel like they really don't care to be part of the group. Just my perspective, others may feel totally different.
  7. I often cruise with friend who is also visually impaired. We always contact special needs, they send a form to fill out and return. When we get to port (usually one of the many Florida ports) we simply get wheelchair assistance, which is always readily available from the porters, and they take us right to the disabled boarding section. They check that her name is on list, they complete our boarding paperwork right there and then we get priority boarding, usually right after or even same time as the suite and other priority guests. We've done this 5-6 times both on carnival and RC with no issues. Same for disembarking. They instruct where to go and they will get a wheelchair and take us right off whenever we are ready. Hope this helps. Have a great trip.
  8. Thank you so much for your replies. I sail in two weeks. Can't wait!!!
  9. Has anyone sailed yet on the rerouted Cuba cruises? If so, did you receive your onboard credit of 50% of cruise fare? And also, when exactly did it show up on your account? Thanks
  10. Booked on majesty 7/31 - 8/5 Havana and cozumel. No actual official email but when you go into cruise planner it still says Havana but once you open the calendar Havana has been replaced with Costa Maya. There is also the official statement on site that says cancel with full refund or accept changes with 50% refund. I only paid $600 so I am fine with getting partial refund and cruising for around $350-400. It's more than they have to do.
  11. Has anyone taken the RCC Classic car excursion. The description says $230 for up to 3 people and tour duration is 5-5.5 hours. Then it goes on to say that you start tour in motorcoach which will then take you to the classic car and time in car will be 1.5-2 hours depending on traffic. Does this mean that the bulk of the time is spent on motorcoach or walking around on your own and you truly only get 1.5 hours riding in the car? I'd appreciate any feedback from anyone who has taken this tour. Thanks
  12. Thanks but that's the part that is confusing. Part of it says exempt but then it says places that have 1 week or longer parking can charge unless you have a disabled license plate or modified disabled vehicle. My friend is legally blind so of course she doesn't have a car with a disabled plate, only the placard which is registered to her but is usable for whoever is driving her that day. My guess is that we would be charged regular fees. I guess I will call and see if I can get an answer. It would be nice if it were free because then I wouldn't need to find a hotel that would allow us to leave thge car for the week. Thank you again.
  13. Does anyone know if the cruiseport charges for handicap parking at the port? Have a valid placard and passenger is legally blind with some mobility issues. I've read the fl statute but it is confusing and says all municipal parking is free but then goes on to say they can still charge. ???? Which is it???? Hoping someone here knows for sure. Thanks
  14. Looking for hotels in ft Lauderdale that allow you to park your car there for duration of the cruise. Any recommendations welcome. Thanks
  15. I'm sailing in July. If we book a ships excursion now online, do we pay at time of booking or with our onboard account on ship? Thanks
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