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  1. That must be the new diamond plus gift. Lol.
  2. No.......social distancing!!!! Can't be too careful. 🤣🤣🤣
  3. Exactly. And don't forget the thousands of port workers, like ticket agents, luggage porters, food suppliers, etc, that do actually work in the US and not only depend on the ships for their livelihood but do also pay taxes. It's nowhere near as simple as "bailing out a foreign company".
  4. I'm not trying to be a smartass here, but how is that an insult? This is not a case of a cruise line cancelling because of fault in their ship or any other condition that they could have prevented or need to take responsibility for. This is all uncharted territory. Would it have made more sense or been more acceptable for some for X to say " theres a global pandemic right now and travel isn't advisable at this time, especially by cruise ships, but in deference to those whose cruises are in the next 30 days, we'll continue sailing so that their vacations are not ruined or they are inconvenienced"? Seriously, you either pull your ships or you don't. I think the only reason that today's ships were allowed is because a decision/ announcement did not cone until after boarding and/or sailing time in some ports. However, I seriously doubt that anyone boarding a ship today did so with 100% confidence that the ship would sail, especially in light of new developments in the last 72 hours. Could the press release have been a little more detailed? Possibly but they issued a very detailed release within 3 hours of the original. Perfectly understandable and reasonable.
  5. Happened to us just last week out of Port Canaveral. Member of our group was unexpectedly detained and finally made it to parking garage at 2:15. Was too late to check bags so had to drag them all with her and 3 little kids. Got to checkin/security at 2:35. Breezed right through and joined us on deck right around 2:55. Needless to say it was a close call and we were all holding our breath but all's well that ends well.
  6. Just off Liberty this week. We did not know we needed reservations and our party of 6 just showed up at scheduled 8:30am time. We were told it was filled but they would be able to take 4 people. Worked out well for us because the mom and kids went to that and the 2 other adults went to the lovely seat at brunch. While the brunch is technically free, I highly recommend the $12 lobster eggs Benedict. Delicious. A fun time was had by all but make sure you make a reservation once on the ship for Dr Seuss breakfast. Enjoy!!
  7. I tend to agree with you and completrely understand the reason for the authorization in the first place. At this point, it's up to her and fingers crossed!!!
  8. Thank you all so much for the replies. I've done my part and told her. It's now up to her but I think she'll be just fine without it. If not, oh well so sad, see you when I get back!!! 😊😊
  9. Travelling in 2 weeks with friends. One of them is divorced and taking her 5 year old twins. I've told her she needs ex to give permission to take out of country but she does not want to attempt to get it from him. They are not on friendliest terms but they do share joint legal custody with 60/40 physical custody. Carnival website is actually pretty ambiguous and states that they "highly recommend" written notarized consent from other parent in order to avoid any customs issues. Do they absolutely need it or not? Will they be denied boarding without it?
  10. It's been a few years but I did this on Freedom. Only cost me less than $200 for port fees. 2nd passenger was added out 30 days out.
  11. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Extremely helpful.
  12. I don't really care what type of cabin (inside, ocean view or balcony) but I like a cabin that is either on the lido/pool/buffet area or at least on the same end of the ship. It just makes it so convenient because I spend alot of time on that deck and love the convenience of easily being able to go grab a drink or light snack or go back to my room without alot of walking. I also like a cabin not too far from the elevators for the same reason.
  13. I know people are sick of menu questions but does anyone have a current liberty 3 night menu? Everything I find is seriously 2-3 years old. Thanks!!!😊😊😊
  14. I'm on Liberty in Feb for short weekend cruise. We're in Nassau overnight til 6am. Does that mean no casino all night??? It's not a deal breaker but that doesn't leave much else to do and doesn't seem very cost effective for carnival to please the few people who may want dinner in Nassau.
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