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  1. Hi, Since we'll be sailing to many European ports during Irresistible Med, I was wondering if announcements & staff were more multi-lingual than Miami-based sailings ? On MSC, we heard French, English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and German; is Virgin mostly (if not only) English ?
  2. 5 years ago we had a stop in Ajaccio Corsica replaced by Toulon because of storm damage on the dock at Ajaccio. Any weather/technical issues can have ports of call changed and it says so in the contract. In this case, I have another discussion topic requesting insight into why sailor feedback changes from a stop to a cruising day. Our Ideal cruise would be two ports of call per day, if this was "doable" !
  3. Hi I've just been notified by email that the Toulon, France stop on Irresistible Med has been replaced by a day at sea. They cite past sailor comments for the change.... Any others received this or have further insights about this ? It is a tender port so there are more delays getting off-board but was there bad feedback about that town recently? We had a walking tour organized (by ourselves) and have been to Toulon before so not a big loss but cutting this time in port, won't the ship sail at a snail's pace ? Finally, is this for the entire Med cruising season or just for our June 30th sailing from Barcelona ? Thx
  4. OK where can I see if a rebate has been applied ? Through my Travel Agent ? On the App ?
  5. Thanks, It was alarming to see that they list the excursions before the deadline but show them as sold out ! I did book my shore thing after the set date & time. Thanks
  6. My Virgin App advised that the shore things for my cruise, slated for reservations starting tomorrow, were open around 8 PM tonight, so slightly early. Scrolling down to the one I am interested, I see all of them grayed-out. I know we have to book early but having EVERYTHING sold out at the first minute they are released is a joke ! Each of them says to check back soon to see if they become available, or something like this. I know top tier cruise reservations like Rock Star status have first pick but they can't have booked ALL EXCURSIONS ! Is this how they appear before midnight of the set day of the reservations hence, I have to wait until 12:01 or something ?
  7. Bookings for my cruise's excursions are slated to open on March 2nd. Is there a set time at which these bookings appear on the app and can be booked ? Is it at a minute past midnight ? Is so, midnight at which time zone as my cruise is in Europe and we're in the east of Canada ? Thanks !
  8. Are the Virgin Voyages embarkation area at terminal A, B, C, D or E of the Adossat Quay Terminals or the North or South of the World Trade center terminal ?
  9. Hi, experienced cruiser here but first time on VV. I know everything is centered on the App and certain reservations cannot be done before a certain date but is there a way of knowing which "Shore Things" are typically offered at each port stops ? I'm particularly interested in learning ahead of time about a Florence tour from the Marina di Carriera port of call slated for us on July 2nd. Thanks.
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