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  1. Sounds like theres a good chance they may do as they did to Navigator, its a shame that the deck plans are not updated accordingly for post AMPLIFIED viewing.
  2. Hi All To my understanding Voyager of the Seas will return from Singapore Dry docks to Australia in latter 2019 after it has undergone its Amplified refurbishment. Does anybody understand if the existing gym will be moved AFT to what is currently the Childrens Adventure Zone? and as part of that relocation the Mens and Womans free Dry and Wet sauna will be removed? I believe that is what happened on Navigator of the Seas. Cheers
  3. Hi All Can anyone confirm that Navigator of the Seas NO LONGER offers free dry and wet sauna (mens or womens) as part of the gym? I believe that after the recent AMPLIFIED refurbishment the Gym has been moved Aft to what was the children's Adventure Zone and now no longer offers any form of Sauna facility? is this correct? Many Thanks
  4. Hi All, just wondering if Celebrity are still handing out the food stamps for happy hour? is it still limited to 3 drinks per night?
  5. I believe Liberty OTS was amplified in 2018, does anyone know if the GYM floor space is still in the same format and does the Men's and Women's change rooms still offer dry and wet sauna facilities? Cheers
  6. Just wondering if anyone has sailed on Mariner or Navigator since they were "Amplified" if so have they changed the gym and change rooms? has the gym floor space changed and do they sill have seperate steam and sauna in the mens change room? cheers
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