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  1. Hello, it’s been about 3 years since we cruised out of Miami, we fly in a day early and usually get a taxi at the airport to our hotel in downtown. I recently have read some terrible reviews about taxis there, has anyone experienced this? What does everyone recommend? We’ve never used Uber or Lyft and we fly this coming Friday....... thanks
  2. Thanks for everyone’s response
  3. Just curious, can’t you “walk off” carrying all your luggage with you as soon as debarkation is allowed?
  4. Sorry 12 out of my last 15 or so Cruise’s was on NCL ..was so use to Pepsi on NCL I forgot about CCL carrying coke .... but thanks for the info
  5. Hey how does everyone take on 12 pk cans ? Carryon or stick luggage tag on and check ? Or do you have to do one or the other ?......absolutely hate Diet Pepsi thanks
  6. Don’t flame me as I’m sure this has been asked several thousand times... we are relatively new to carnival but we usually get to port around 11 but my time says 12:30-1, my boarding pass says priority as this is a premier or ultra cruise ,can’t remember, do I have to wait til then or if we get there earlier will we have to sit and wait ? Thanks ... oh and it’s Miami if it matters
  7. Thanks everyone, the one time mine was confiscated was In checked luggage, every time it was in our carryon i didn’t have an issue either
  8. Hello all, I was wondering for those of you that has cruised carnival out of Miami, hows the fan policing going? Its been hit or miss with me in the past, but I have had my fan confiscated a coupe times. It has been 3 years since we sailed out of Miami and was curious if they have gotten worse or eased a bit . Thanks in advance
  9. Hey booked on a premier cruise with casino , will I have a check in time ? I obviously haven’t checked in online yet ..... thanks for any info
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