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  1. You must be in the casino "playing" when you order a drink. The DOU card does not apply at the casino bar but through the casino waiters. 15 drinks per day per person is also another restriction. Enjoy
  2. Possibly? My suggestion would be to call the contact number on the offer and give then scenario and see what they can do. I did it once before for a better offer and it worked. I've also tried and they weren't able to do it and I had to cancel the old and re-book.
  3. For the OP: Carnivals casino offers really follow no protocol that most of us can figure out. It's not outlined like other cruise lines, so the offers are sporadic. You may get these offers this month and not so great offers for the next 6 months. Elite offers are the highest they offer just for reference. If this is a cruise your really interested in my vote would be to take it.
  4. We were on the Horizon 8 day in December and we had a OV Cabin on deck 2. No issues or concerns. We had cabin on deck 1, 2 and 3 on different ships and it doesn't bother us.
  5. Sailing on the Magic Sep 28 and it took 8 weeks exactly to get a response from the steakhouse.
  6. It's been a few years but they did. I'm sure they do now as well.
  7. It took me about 8.5 years. We started off with 1 cruise a year then moved to 2 when possible.
  8. We always cruise in an OV because we like having a wondow. We've done mis-shaped rooms, aft, forward, even deck 1. Deck 1 does come with a little more vibration no matter the location. I'm a light sleeper and I was fine but I did not sleep through it like others have said I just got up. Go with what works best for you. Have fun and win big! I'm on her in September for an Ultra.
  9. Following. I think this ship has just started sailing from NO and therefore copies of fun times might be minimal.
  10. I would pick an ocean view any day. The room is larger with a couch and I really like being able to see out side before I start my day. No matter what you pick have fun!
  11. I once wore my uggs to the port in Orlando from Atlanta. I was going to change once on the ship but there was a cold front on the area. Just pack your summer shoes for the Caribbean. Or instead of a boot can you wear a full coverage shoe like a sneaker? Good Luck
  12. We have had many OV cabins on deck 2 and no issue with noise from above.
  13. Hi I used it back in 2014 and had no issues. I took whatever emails and confirmations needed just in case. In our cabin was a summary of what we got and it was already added to our sign and sail account.
  14. We did this itinerary last December on the Sunshine and also in 2015. Grand Turk is always a beach day for us with free chairs and wifi. St Maarten we did a see&sea tour through carnival it was nice. St Kitts we took a city tour from the port with the locals and we just had a bad experience with our driver but others had a great time with different drivers. San Juan we done the city tour, Forts and now mostly we hop and eat (where the locals eat). No matter what you do it will be great and 8 days cruises are amazing!
  15. That is really unusual and I would think it's going to be even more crowded than normal. However maybe from a strategic perspective, maybe many people didn't take the offers on those dates so they combined them.?
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