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    First and definitely not our last voyage. Star Flyer

    If you travel on a Star ship make sure to climb out on to the nets at the bow of the ship. My favorite part of our 3 cruises on the Star line.
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    approximate sailing times

    I'm taking my second Star Clipper cruise in September. I am trying to find out approximate docking and sailing times for each port. I know with the nature of sailing, Star Clipper can't post exact times but an approximation would be nice. I feel like I had them when we sailed in Tahiti but can't find them for our Med. cruise. I have a hard time finding things on their web site. I have received our cruise documents already (six weeks in advance) and they only give me which ports on which day but no times. I'm trying to schedule some private tours so I really need times. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)