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  1. Just like you weren’t yelling when you typed “STARTING,” I wasn’t yelling at anyone either. And because I treasure your opinions, I will be sure to heed your advice. Have a good weekend.
  2. Personally I would PAY P&O NOT to go on another one with them...
  3. I agree with some...stop all reciprocity with RCI. Everyone should earn their way up the benefit ladder....especially for a seat in the lounge!
  4. Us too. We’re not interested in adult day care though we like the trivia and some of the speakers.
  5. I’m frankly so in need of a vacation by the time we go that I am in the mind of Mickey Flanagan’s comedy routine when he talks about doing “f all.” It’s really funny.
  6. Flying with a scooter is usually not a big deal. You do have to call the airline and register the details of the scooter...make/model, weight, type of battery (sealed, dry cell). Occasionally there is is a bit of a delay at the destination. You must specify that you want it delivered to the gangway. It’s the lack of independence that is the limitation of a wheelchair versus a scooter.
  7. I cannot remember as it was really priceless, but maybe around $200.
  8. I highly recommend renting a scooter. You do not need an accessible cabin. The scooter gets delivered to the cabin which is where you leave it at the end of the cruise. The ones they rent (usually Pride GoGo Elite) fit through the doors just fine. Yes, you do need to find a place tuck it in. I have found you can push it under the desk a bit. I rented one for my mom and after the first rental I ended up buying her one as it made such a difference for her. We have never needed an accessible cabin. Remember that renting a wheelchair is OK, BUT IT NEEDS PUSHING and that would be you. It gets very tiring on carpet and it limits independence of both people.
  9. In Fort Lauderdale there is at least one tour geared to B2Bers that will drop you off back at the ship.
  10. You can make your cancellations and get your money back as long as it’s greater than 24 hours before the tour is scheduled.
  11. I seem to recall that tickets are released either 60 or 90 days out. It says that somewhere on the coop website.
  12. I get a kick out of printing then laminating the tags and securing to bags with a zip tie. No haters.😁
  13. Wow...are we ever fortunate for you to tell us all what to do...🙄
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