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  1. Years ago we were on a ship that was about 60% capacity due to an airline strike. Before boarding I thought it was going to be great...no lines, easy to get a drink or a seat but it actually turned out to be really dull. The atmosphere was missing. I don’t like crazy busy big ships but this had a very strange feeling about it.
  2. I saved my mom from diamonds international....to make a long story short...she wanted to upgrade her 5ct tennis bracelet for a 8 or 10ct. The amount they quoted her and almost “got”her was absurd for what the quality of stones were etc AND she was to give them her bracelet. They were visibly and verbally angry that I walked in just in time.
  3. In addition to Ocean Boy...when you purchase something, the shop always asks what ship you’re on. Furthermore have you ever been on a ship and when you get back to the ship there’s a “recommendation” that you “register” your purchases on the premise of getting future insurance? Nope... the cruise line wants to know the take from the shops.
  4. The cruise lines also get a kick back percentage of purchases.
  5. Fluctuations in humidity is a nightmare for pianos. I bet those pianos are rarely in tune.
  6. For your record...Having lived in South Florida for 20+ years, I am well familiar with what a quinceanera is and what it represents. If you think that teens can’t get alcohol I suggest you think twice.
  7. I was two separate horrendous cruises with a group booking. The first had a LARGE number of entitled teenage girls celebrating a quinceanera. THE most obnoxious bunch of drunk teenagers ruining shows, throwing up all over and worse. The second was with a huge group from one of those cult selling groups that kept pushing their vitamins on people everywhere they went. You couldn’t sit down without someone coming up to you.
  8. Another vote for OVERLORD. Worth every penny. Small personalised group with about 8 people.
  9. I sincerely hope that one day soon that you can leave all your cares behind and have a true vacation that you don’t have to worry about anything at all. Cruising is good for that...just sitting on a balcony watching the waves...
  10. It’s not a matter of whether they can do a CBC/diff(neutrophils etc) on a ship...it’s what are you going to do about the results?
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