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  1. We are doing a 3 day MOS cruise with the whole family, some 25 in all. The ship spends a very, very long time in Nassau and then another day on the private island. Question: some of us dislike Nassau very much. Will there be any activities on board ship during the time we are in Nassau (7:30am to 9:30pm)
  2. We are having a family reunion cruise next June 14 on MarinerOS. The prices are ridiculously high and may prevent some from coming along. DH and I are paying 1800 for a balcony room; this is a 3 Day Cruise!! I could do a 4 day Disney for the same price. We also have a 5 day Celebrity balcony with tips, drinks, and $300 OBC for only $1335 total. Please dont suggest changing the cruise since plans, vacations, etc. are already set for most. I just want your ideas as to why this much money for a 3 day-er?
  3. Well, husband now has a portable oxygen concentrator , a CPAP, and a mobility scooter that breaks down into pieces. He is 86 and I am 76. We taken the CPAP lots, but not the other two. Last week, we took the POC and the CPAP on a plane and security was a nightmare. In addition, "they" (at the POC store) said it wwould fit under the seat of a plane. It does, if you dont mind sitting with your feet on it and your knees in the air. To add a mobility scooter to all this seems more than we want to do. Can anybody help with advice??
  4. We've done several Celebrity cruises in Aqua Class and loved the food in their restaurant, Blu. We are thinking of doing Yacht Club on MSC. It seems that we would really enjoy the privileges and benefits of YC on MSC. Any thoughts?
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