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  1. First one is 12 days/9 ports with Portland (Stonehenge) Second is 12 days/9 ports with Orkney Islands instead of Portland Third is 12 days/8 ports with no Portland or Orkney but an overnight in Cobh The other cruise we looked at was a 14 day Scottish Highlands which was 14 days and 11 ports.
  2. We are currently looking at British Isle Cruises for 2021. There are three different ones on the Crown. Can anyone give me your thoughts on which one is better and why? Two have an additional port and the third has an overnight. Any help would be great!
  3. Thanks to all of you for your input! We are leaning to just stay on the boat and enjoy the locks a second time.
  4. After we complete our excursion in Panama, we are supposed to be dropped off at Cristobal (not Colon) to await our ships return back through the locks. Can anyone tell me anything about the port/terminal. Is there anywhere to sit while you wait for the boat to come back? I know that the shopping is at the Colon terminal which I wasn't worried about. I just wanted to make sure there was someplace to sit at or get something to eat or drink. Thanks for any info that can be provided!
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