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  1. Well that is your opinion and you are entitled to it. COVID-19 did not exist prior to March of this year and obviously it would not be in the policy as a covered reason. I am pretty sure it will be added now at a premium increased rate. We were not offered a transfer to the 2021 cruise booking. Again the dollar amount is menial - it is the principal. Even auto insurers have been issuing checks to all their customers as we all needed to shelter in place during this pandemic. Nationwide is not an option for us any more. That's all.
  2. We were never given that option as we too booked another cruise for 2021. Not sure how we would have use of the insurance for a while when it was for a specific travel date. Thanks for chiming in tho.
  3. So like many others here, our cruise was cancelled due to COVID-19. We had purchased cruise insurance like we always do and when NCL cancelled the cruise, we filed a claim to obtain the amount paid back for the insurance to NATIONWIDE. We were denied (see note below). My issue is this. COVID-19 did not exist at the time we purchased the insurance so how in the world could/would it be listed as a covered reason? I am posting this for awareness purposes to beware of NATIONWIDE. I know we will NEVER purchase insurance from them again. Oh and by the way, the amount paid for the insurance was about $100. Not much - but it is now the principle. The Nationwide Travel Insurance Plan was purchased for a May 2020 trip. The trip was cancelled by Norwegian Cruise Line due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. The policy purchased contains a number of specified reasons for a cancellation which would make one eligible for reimbursement under the policy. In your correspondence, you advise that COVID-19 did not exist at the time the plan was purchased. However, regardless of whether or not COVID-19 existed at the time the plan was purchased, the reason your trip was cancelled, the COVID-19 travel restrictions, is not one of the listed reasons covered under the policy.
  4. Opinions needed from those of you that have had dinner in the coastal kitchen. Is the coastal kitchen that good? Just upgraded from a balcony to a JS which offers dinners in the coastal kitchen (Anthem) and had already purchased the dining package for the entire cruise. Not sure if we should cancel the package or not. Thanks in advance!
  5. We don't need assistance either. Thinking that there may have been an incident and now there is a lawsuit.
  6. Is this something new? I have never seen a weight limit for guests that need assistance getting on and off a tender. (100 Lbs.)
  7. Just off the GEM and no ashtrays are outside on 7 - and also noticed no smoking signs posted.
  8. Hello, Is anyone able to post the PPB red wine list please? Thank you!
  9. Another quick question please. Are both bottles opened at dinner? Or are you able to take one unopened back to your room/balcony to have later? Thanks again for the info!!
  10. Hi - are there better wines offered by the glass? I see the list for bottles offered at dinner - but does not mention by the glass. The wine list by the glass for the regular package is so-so. Thank for your assistance!
  11. Thank you for your reply! I did some searching and it looks like the red could be Le Terre - cab and merlot. I've never tried either, but online reviews of them are pretty good for what it's worth - $9.99 a bottle.
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