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  1. Well now I am excited, your day sounds exactly what I want to do and knowing that you never felt crowded is great to hear! Just checked Cruise Mapper and my ship is the only one scheduled to be in CoCo Cay on that day as well. Thanks footballmp!
  2. After a year of waiting, our cruise is finally coming this next weekend. Our first stop is Coco Cay. For people who have been on the island since the waterpark opened, how crowded are the free areas now(beaches and Oasis Lagoon)? At $80/pp we have absolutely no plans to even go near the waterpark area, so was hoping it has been siphoning people away from the other areas of the island so that they don't feel as crowded. Thoughts?
  3. Dramamine is the pinnacle of motion sickness relief. However because of how tired it makes you, their less-effective but also less-drowsy formula is the best solution I have found.
  4. Where did I say my doctor said it was beneficial? Just that it wasn't toxic. Of course it isn't 'good' for you, but it isn't bad for you either. The 3 main ingredients are nicotine, polypropylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. PG is FDA approved and used in food preservatives and VG is FDA approved and used in inhalers and fog machines, they are not harmful and actually do provide HELP for people with lung/breathing issues. On top of that, nicotine is only as harmful as caffeine, its not cancerous. The More You Know...
  5. Bummer. Coco Cay is fine, but I'd literally rather go to ANY other port in the Caribbean over Nassau.
  6. I just hate that vaping and smoking cigarettes are all treated the same...everywhere. Started using e-cigs to get away from cigarettes, yet I am constantly forced to join them to get nicotine. Guarantee you my Banana Custard e-juice smells better than most of the gaudy perfume I smell all the time all over vacation areas and there is no concerns of '2nd hand' issues as nothing in them is toxic. My doctor has attested to that multiple times. I do keep my vaping respectful and dont do it around anybody or blow vape clouds towards anyone.
  7. Who in their right mine would buy a cruise booking on ebay?! Even if that was an option or feasible, I would never in a million years think that would be a sound decision.
  8. Seems very counter intuitive to have slides on the ship that a kid under 42" cannot use, but then have similar slides on Coco Cay where seemingly any height 'up to' 42" can slide. I have tall kids for their age, so my almost 4 year old may actually still make the cut, but it is mind boggling that something like this is such a big deal. I remember cruising when there weren't even any lifeguards on the entire ship, now they are going overkill by denying kids the experience of their little dinky waterslides. Pretty wonky.
  9. Kinda disappointed with Royal as far as Coco Cay waterpark pricing, at least on my sailing. The cheapest it ever got to was $68/pp and for the last month has been at a whopping $79/pp! And the cabanas are prices at $700! Absolutely ridiculous prices, my idea of a 'perfect day' doesnt Include handing over my entire wallet to Royal.
  10. Never understood the 'steak purist' people. A nicely cooked steak tastes fantastic, but I think they taste even better with a little A1 on the side. I wouldn't scoff at throwing ketchup on a fancy burger. I have put A1 on everything from Sirloins to Tenderloins to New York Strips that were cooked perfectly, even a great steak can use a little sauce.
  11. I've only ever been on two cruises; both a year apart, both 7-night, both on Freedom, both to the exact same ports. We had just as much fun on the 2nd cruise as the first....and we still didn't do everything the ship had to offer! You will be fine.
  12. I know most things like shore excursions and beverage packages will be more expensive onboard, but how about specialty restaurants? Me and the wife are planning to eat at 150 Central Park on the 6th night of our 7 night cruise (our one 'date night' where we are sending the kids to Adventure Ocean), but aren't quite sure what our time schedule will be yet that evening and didn't want to prebook. That said, will I be expecting higher prices onboard...or do they actually do discounts later on in the cruise for the specialty dining? Harmony of the Seas is the ship is that makes any difference for the answers.
  13. My June Harmony sailing shows $75/pp for the waterpark, and has the nerve to show a banner saying 'pre-cruise deal!' Jesus, if that is a deal, I don't want to know what people are paying if they book it on the ship.
  14. I haven't sailed since 2012 and the pizza was pretty good then. Excited knowing the formula was changed and it tastes even better, that is going to be our late night snack hangout before bed!
  15. This is my experience exactly. Going on Harmony next month, but booked it a year ago and the entire time it has bounced between $52 and $56. Finally got tired of waiting and booked it the last time it hit $52. Which might have been a good thing, because that was over a month ago.
  16. Yeah, Royal can be shady with their wording. Sorry they swindled you. Wish they would allow user reviews for excursions and cruise planner purchases. That would eliminate pretty much any questions anybody would have.
  17. Orville99, you just answered the question. Oasis ships dont tender(too many people) so if you are still scheduled to be there next Monday, the dock is fully operational.
  18. Not gonna lie, the 'party atmosphere' that turned you off sounds like a good time to me. I'd prefer the island be alive with music and festivities. If you want to sleep, go find a deck chair on the ships pool...which is essentially abandoned while the ship is docked. You will have loads of quiet time all to yourself at no extra cost. This post also confirmed my initial assumption that the Perfect Day waterpark is a huge waste of money. Over an hour to ride a waterslide with only one ship docked....and RC is talking about having 3 ships at once there in the future?! 🤨 Doesn't sound like much fun @ $72/pp
  19. I would imagine it wouldn't be any different than any other regular beach trip. I always leave our stuff close to shore when at any beach and keep it in eye range the entire time. Would never leave my stuff and go walk off, however.
  20. Something like this is what I plan on getting. One that I can strap around my neck and just let float on the water
  21. Introducing the new experience, exclusively with Royal: The Ultimate Poop Package! Enjoy the brown seas with virtually unlimited bathroom options on your vacation. Wake up with a bowel movement in one of our exclusive, premium lounges, then keep the party going late into the night with our roving port-o-potties that show up outside every major event on board. Never have to step foot in your cabin restroom ever again! * Also includes a one time token to use the Captains Bathroom (10 minutes max). Book now for 20% off onboard pricing!!! Adults: $29.99/pp per day Children: $26.99/pp per day
  22. Tries to bring baked goods on a ship, on 4/20 of all days, yet surprised when it gets scrutinized... April 20th is a national Marijuana holiday, of course they are going to suspect people are bringing on edibles😄
  23. Ive got a question that is a little different, but follows this question, so im dropping it here instead of starting a new topic: Me, the wife and our 2 kids are sailing next month. One of the kids is my wifes bio kid, but my step-daughter, with a different last name than us. I am currently in the process of formally adopting her, but because of a backed-up court system, we won't get a court date to finalize everything till after the cruise. I do have a copy of the paperwork her bio dad filled out, signing over his rights to me, notarized by our lawyer. She doesn't have a passport because we have been planning this adoption for almost 2 years now; so would her birth certificate, me and my wifes marriage license showing her maiden name (which is what shows on my daughters birth certificate) and the adoption paperwork signed by her bio dad be enough in my situation?
  24. All Oasis class and Quantum class ships cover up to $13 for Deluxe Package. The reason is that most premium cocktails on those ships cost more @$13 where they are usually only $12 on smaller ships. Basically an upcharge for getting on a megaship, which is crap
  25. Wow, thats a much better deal than prebuying. Was about to get the $50 for $40 deal on my cruise planner, didn't know about the crown and anchor discount onboard @ $50 for $25. Thanks for the heads up
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