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  1. Jeannie......we are so excited and hope to meet you, too!!! Bob.......thanks! We enjoy following your posts! Cannot wait to meet everyone!!!!
  2. We have been following this thread since Cruise Junky first posted it (Thanks, Cruise Junky!) We have just booked the 25 day to Ft. Lauderdale...yippee!!!! These land-locked Kansas women are thrilled!! 😍😀 Nancy and Yvonne
  3. Jeannie.....we would hate for this ship to leave the fleet. We loved her! Could you share the link to the blog? I would love to follow along.
  4. Charles, I am so sorry for your loss. While we never met, I enjoyed following your travels with Judy. May happy memories help ease your sorrow.
  5. Oh, what memories this invoked! She was my first Princess ship.......Alaska with my parents in 1987. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Thanks for the update about Emanuela and Cruisetones!!!!! Keep enjoying.......especially the ice cream! Nan and Yvonne
  7. Thank you so much for doing the "Live From"...........! We were on the Pacific Princess last August/September for the British Isles & Iceland cruise. It was our first small ship experience and, hopefully, not our last. We loved her!!!!! And the ice cream is to die for, for sure. If Emanuela is back on board in Effy's, please tell her that the "Fabulous" girls say hi. Also, a big hello to Deb Fraioli, her husband Dan Downey, and keyboardist extraordinare Eliot! They performed as the Cruisetones, but may be performing under another name now. Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!
  8. Aaaaaaaahhh........the Chairman of the Board! Yum!!!!!
  9. Thanks for your review! We leave for London on August 24, also staying at the Grange Tower, before boarding the Pacific Princess on the 26th. Your info was great.....! We are getting so excited to finally sail on this small ship. It will be an adventure!
  10. I had such fun following P1and P2 through the Baltic! It brought back great memories of our Baltic cruise 5 years ago. You two Princesses are just fabulous. I live in Overland Park, KS, so Paige and I are sort of neighbors. I followed her on her Tahiti/South Pacific journey a while back and am so jealous that she got to meet my ultimate s/hero, Yellow Fish! Paige, Jeannie, and Tracie make living in land-locked Kansas a little bit more tolerable! Perhaps we'll meet up on a wonderful cruise someday. Loved the blog!!! Thanks for the adventure.
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