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  1. Scrapnana

    Any bloggers in Jan 2019?

    I agree. By the time you give them all the information they want you could just as easily have filled out the individual forms.
  2. Independence only one doing any kind of tooting today.
  3. Sounded like one toot from two different ships.
  4. Interesting. The ship at 29 usually waits for any in front to go.
  5. Not a very pretty day in FLL but it sure beats the foot of snow we have!!!
  6. Luckily, yes! Didn't even flicker and cable is still working.
  7. Scrapnana

    Any bloggers in Jan 2019?

    My 2018 World Cruise used parts of 7 pages of my passport. There were stamps from the Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Namibia, Thailand, Singapore, Mozambique, South Africa, The Gambia, and one other which is too blurry to read. That is less than a third of the countries we visited.