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  1. I cancelled our 3/13/20 cruise a week before the departure date. STILL waiting for our refund of onboard purchases (WiFi and room purchases). We rescheduled our cruise for January of next year, but neither of us is feeling good about things right now. Will Carnival even be in business by then?
  2. I agree! We were scheduled to be cruising 3/14 -3/22. We canceled a few days before we were to sail and immediately rebooked a twice-as-long Panama Canal Cruise for next Jan at a very nicely reduced rate. And then they gave us $600 OBC on top of it. I’m glad we rebooked early and I think Carnival is doing a really great job.
  3. I canceled two weeks ago. Received my main credits, but all Funship purchases for our cabin have not yet been refunded. I called this morning and was told “90 days”. Whaddaya gonna do?
  4. Canceled our 3/14 cruise 8 days ago. Received refund portion of the cruise (the rest went to new booking) and our excursion, but as of today still have not received our refund on all our Funshop purchases.
  5. We were set to sail today, but canceled last Friday. I called again today to see about a missing refund of things we ordered for our cabin, and asked about the OBC offer. Nope. I received a flat-out “you canceled on your own. No obc”. Rats.
  6. We were set to leave on Freedom on Sat 3/14 for an eight-nighter. We moved our booking to another cruise next Jan and unpacked our stuff. Past the disappointment now; there are more important things at hand. We have vodka and TP and life is good. 🙂
  7. Yes, that makes complete sense now. Ok, I’m sufficiently chastened by my erroneous post!! 🙂
  8. I should have been more clear; my apologies. We canceled our Carnival cruise last Friday and were told that the insurance policies we bought went into effect the date of purchase and were non-refundable. I assumed (wrongly I see) that it would be the same industry-wide.
  9. Travel insurance goes into effect the day you buy it - not the date you cruise - and is non-refundable.
  10. I canceled our Carnival cruise last Thursday and was told that travel insurance goes into effect the day you buy it and is non-refundable. We lost $300 on our policy. You are buying it from an external company; the cruise lines are not administering it at all.
  11. Your cruise credit is good for one year; you do not have to rebook at the same time.
  12. Finally got through by phone today and canceled our 8-nighter on Freedom leaving on 3/14. Parlayed rapidly falling cruise rates into a wonderful 14 night Panama Canal cruise on Freedom instead next January. It only cost us several hundred more dollars. Couldn’t be happier, very grateful to Carnival and their great employees. 🙂
  13. That’s great advice. I figured I’ll keep trying during the day today, but my best chance will be super late tonight or as you said, early tomorrow. I’m remaining patient, but getting disconnected THAT far in was a drag. Thanks for for the tip!
  14. I waited on hold for two hours nineteen minutes just now before being disconnected. Now every time I try to call back the system auto disconnects during the menu outline. I have 6 days before my cruise, and I think i’m going to need every minute of those 6 days just to get ahold of someone at Carnival.
  15. We are booked on the Freedom leaving on 3/14 on an eight-day run and have been mulling over our decision all day. We’ve decided in the end to cancel. We’ll get our $3500 back and suffer nothing but disappointment. Small price to pay. We’ll whine a bit and try again next year. :)
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