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  1. Book a cabin that has a muster station with plenty of seats. Get there early to get a comfortable seats. Take a device with something to read or a game to play.
  2. The current Premium Beverage Package is, probably more expensive and more restrictive than its predecessor the All Inclusive Beverage Package for two reasons. Many passengers abused the package by sharing drinks. Some of the abusers were so proud of their low ethics that they bragged about it on Cruise Critic which Princess monitors.
  3. The in-transit passengers on the Regal Princess doing the Canada/New England cruise out of New York had to go through a procedure similar to what the original poster described. It was a real mess and the Princess people working in the terminal were clueless.
  4. No matter which side of the ship your cabin in on, what you miss seeing while going north, you will see when going south.
  5. It is my speculation that the event that was for Elite level members only was a Captains' Circle reception and not the Platinum, Elite, & Suite cocktail party. I know that the receptions have been split up due to the large number of Captains' Circle members onboard being too many to accommodate in the available venue.
  6. Upon meeting your cabin steward on the first cruise tell him that you will be staying aboard for the following cruise but will be changing cabins. The steward will co-ordinate with the steward of the cabin you are moving to and get your stuff moved. Leave anything you have on hangers on the hangers but pack all your other stuff in your luggage for ease of movement. Don't forget to empty the safe before you move.
  7. The Captains' Circle reception is for all members of the Captains' Circle loyalty club. If there are a large number of members on a cruise, the ship may hold separate receptions such as one for Elite members and another for the other members. In my experience every member will receive an invitation in their cabin which you present at the entrance to the reception and it goes into the pot for a door prize drawing. The evening cocktail party in my experience has always been for Platinum and Elite members of the Captains' Circle loyalty club as well as any passengers booked into full suite
  8. Does anyone know for certain if the Chef's Table is offered on 4 or 5 day cruises?
  9. Savings to Princess-----less costly product; can buy in bulk containers reducing the packaging disposal costs and landfill space; possible time savings for cabin stewards. I prefer that Princess makes minor changes like changing soap to save money rather than raising my cruise fare. If the cost cutting becomes too much for me to bear, I know I am free to try other cruise lines. Maybe Unicorn Cruise Lines will provide everything I desire at a nearly free cruise fare.
  10. There are seats and two TV sets. There is a selection of books and games. There is a coffee machine that makes a variety of coffee drinks. There are snacks that vary with the time of day such as pastries and fruit juices in the morning, to small sandwiches, cheeses, crackers later in the day.
  11. Club Class dining is in the area to your right as you enter the port side of the dining room on deck 6.
  12. The purpose of the device is to reduce the amount of electricity wasted when passengers left their cabins without turning off lights. Using a cruise card in the slot to turn on power to the lights was a way to force the passengers to make use of the device to reduce electrical power consumption. After forgetting to pull you card before leaving the cabin once or twice, passengers soon learned to bring an old card of some type to put in the device instead of using their cruise card. Keeping the devices on the Sky Princess and providing a card for the device was probably in the desperate h
  13. We just put transparent Scotch Tape over the edges to make sure it did not come apart.
  14. We took the Princess excursion to Normandy in 2015 and it was excellent. The tour guide was very good. The coach made stops for rest room breaks. The tour included lunch at a country club and the food was very good. There are two things I say on this tour that I felt were very touching. One was looking at a cross in the American Cemetery that instead of a name simply said "Known But To God". The second was in the local town where in a second floor window above a shop was a sign that said "Thank You America" Seeing that thank you sign over 70 years after American troops liberated t
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