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  1. I don't know the reason for just having 24 passengers. Maybe there were fewer Elites than usual on these cruises. The luncheon took place in the part of Sabatini's next to the windows. To set it up they removed the bench seats next to the forward and aft walls as well as all the square tables. They replaced all that with large round tables.
  2. We have a king sized bed at home. The queen bed on Princess is not as big as our king.
  3. Yes there was dancing in the atrium. We never went to the Vista lounge on this ship except for the wife during Bingo. For some reason, Princess felt it unnecessary to put a bar in the Vista lounge.
  4. Sorry but I didn't ask and the Captain's Circle host never mentioned. There were 4 tables. Each table had 6 passengers and one ship's officer. The Captain sat at table #1. I don't know for sure if the passengers at his table were the 3 couples with the most days but I would guess that was the case. We sat at table #2 and we had 407 and 414 days. The officers at our table, ( the Staff Engineer and the Chief Engineer ), for the two luncheons were also 4 stripers like the captain. I don't know if the other 2 couples at our table had more or fewer days aboard Princess ships. The other tables had officers with less rank.
  5. We enjoyed all the entertainers that performed in the atrium and Crooners. In particular, the brother & sister violin duo were great. We did not attend any entertainment in the theater other than a performance by a large group of children from Halifax who did traditional Scottish dances. That was fun to watch.
  6. I forgot to mention in my original post that the in-transit passenger process for those doing back to back cruises is non-existent at the Brooklyn cruise terminal. We got a letter telling us to meet in Club 6. No one else showed up and we finally were told to leave the ship. We went through immigration just like any disembarking passenger then had to walk to the entrance to the terminal and get processed like we were boarding for the first time. This terminal is the worst one we have experienced and that includes Port Everglades, San Pedro, Seattle, Vancouver, Whittier, and Southampton.
  7. Just off the Regal last Saturday. The term used on that ship was shuttle rather than tender. Maybe it is just my years in the Navy but the term tender when speaking of a vessel meant a vessel whose purpose was to provide maintenance to other vessels. And the vessel that took you from the ship to shore was called the liberty launch.
  8. I don't recall seeing anyone without a coat or tie but I just paid attention to those men sitting near me in the corner of the dining room. I am sure their must have been some with nice shoes, slacks, and long sleeved collared shirt but no tie or coat. That is what I had on plus a tie. A tie is much easier to pack than a coat.
  9. These are some of the things we noticed while spending the last two weeks aboard the Regal Princess. The ship had a luncheon rather than a cocktail party for the most traveled passengers. The luncheons are much better than the cocktail parties. Menu was awesome. Wine was good. The cruise director saved herself hours of work in taping the Wake Show by using recordings of previous Wake Show crew interviews rather than actually doing new interviews. I thought the recent practice of having an entertainment director was to free up time for the cruise director to be more creative and interface with the passengers. We saw people turned away from the anytime dining room for attire that was very casual such as shorts or t-shirts. Coats without ties and ties without coats were accepted on formal nights. Ship security would not allow us to go ashore with post office issued mailing boxes that we wished to mail home. I don't understand that and Security would offer no explanation. The special main course dish offered in Club Class dining was often just one of the main courses on the regular menu with a different sauce poured on it. The menu was repeated each week.
  10. You have to collect your luggage then take it to the Princess representative that will be in the baggage claim area. Sometimes they take it from there and sometimes you have to move it to the bus.
  11. As I understand it, Princess created the loyalty club in order to increase a passenger's desire to sail again on Princess rather than some other cruise line. In short, the purpose of the loyalty club is to increase the profit made by Princess. There has been a lot of discussion about the fairness of counting both cruise credits and days aboard ship as means to achieving a higher level in the loyalty club. Most comments I have read tend to favor doing away with counting cruise credits. People who pay extra to sail solo or in a full suite have a reason not to do that. I can see only one way to even things up so everyone has to do the same thing in order to move up in the Captains' Circle loyalty club. Have only one metric and that is the amount of money you have spent with Princess.
  12. The Princess transfer to a hotel if you fly in the day before your cruise is part of the Princess extend your stay package which you buy. It includes the airport to hotel transfer, the hotel room for the night, and the transfer to the ship the next day. In the past, sometimes when we have flown in on the day of the cruise and had purchased the Princess transfer from airport to ship Princess bused us to the hotel where we waited for later arrivals before boarding buses to the ship. Since then we have been bused directly from the airport to the ship.
  13. Yes. Sadly there will always be those of low character who get off on defying the standards.😠
  14. A fellow cruiser told me that Royal Caribbean, at least on one ship, has done away with formal nights. Maybe if Princess did away with formal nights and just required a minimum standard such as no swim wear or gym wear, then we could peruse this forum without always having these threads about dress codes.
  15. I read somewhere that sometimes crew members like to start a rumor among the passengers just to see how it is embellished as it spreads.
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