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  1. nukesubsailor

    Serious incident on Royal

    This Daily Mail article is so full of incorrect information that it is nearly worthless. The casino is not on deck 16. The photo shows the starboard side of the ship and indicates the forward most life boat is #2. That is wrong. The boats on the starboard side have odd numbers while the ones on the port side have even numbers.
  2. nukesubsailor

    I'm Booked on the Nov. 17 Royal Cruise

    You can be pretty sure that by the time the ship is back in Port Everglades all the photos will have been taken and anything aboard the ship considered to be evidence will have been collected.
  3. nukesubsailor


    There is a strong current flowing southward from Alaska all along the west coast of North America. That explains the cool weather the first couple of days out from the coast. I would not let it deter me from ever doing that cruise. I would be more apt to let spring break from schools deter me from taking a vacation in the spring season.
  4. nukesubsailor

    Alaska Japan 2020 Elite early booking day?

    We got the 2020 Canadian Rockies cruise tour we wanted as well as the southbound cruise after it booked before noon today and got the cabin we wanted. We like 3 week vacations so we booked this back to back arrangement. Also we can get better flights home from Vancouver that we can from Anchorage. If anyone has done the Canadian Rockies cruise tour before, I would like to hear what you thought of it.
  5. nukesubsailor

    The Enchanted deck plans have been released

    I would agree. When the Royal first came to the Caribbean area she did the 7 day cruises. Then when the Regal came, the Royal did the 10 day cruises and the Regal took over the 7 day cruises. Next year the Royal will be going to the west coast so my guess would be the Regal takes over the 10 day cruises and the Sky gets the 7 day cruises. It makes sense because people want to try a new ship and 7 day cruises are the most feasible length for the majority of people.
  6. nukesubsailor

    Help: Fogertery better than Memory

    This post will explain it to you. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2601967-cyber-event-november-20-–-december-3-2018/
  7. nukesubsailor

    Wait List

    It seems that most cancellations occur close to final payment dates. That is what I have witnessed in regard to a 15 day cruise tour and a 28 day cruise.
  8. nukesubsailor

    California Wildfires

    A frequent and valued poster on this board, Thrak, lives in Chico, California. The northern fire was reported to be on the edge of that city. We sincerely hope that no misfortune happens to him or his property.
  9. nukesubsailor

    Planning Alaska Land tour and Cruise....need help?

    Our connoisseur escorted 15 day cruise tour beginning in Fairbanks in July of 2019 is sold out. It is the second time we have booked this type of tour and is well worth it. Prior to our first connoisseur tour we did a Princess 3 day land tour and cruise. Before that we did a 7 day on-our-own land tour in a rental car. Both left us feeling that we had not gotten the experience we wanted. Having an tour director with you on the connoisseur tour is great. All details about getting the best rooms at lodges and nearly all meals as well as transportation on both train and motor coaches are handled for you. The tour director also teaches you so much about Alaska that you probably wouldn't learn otherwise. You must book these early as they are becoming ever more popular.
  10. nukesubsailor

    Mid-aft room

    We always book a mid-aft cabin on the Royal class ships. Never had a problem with ship motion, vibration, or engine noise.
  11. nukesubsailor

    Ship Designations

    Be considerate of others who may not know the meaning of all the abbreviations. Also some abbreviations may have multiple meanings. For example: CC has been used to mean Club Class, Captain's Circle, or credit card. If you don't have time to type out the whole word----do you really have time to be on this board?
  12. nukesubsailor

    Concierge Lounge for Suite guests

    The concierge is on duty only for short periods of time each day---it is not an all-day service. We have only asked the concierge to make specialty restaurant reservations once and that was on embarkation day and I could not get through on the Dine Line. We did not tip the concierge.
  13. nukesubsailor

    Lobster revamp

    A food item can have several names. Here is an example: Crayfish, or Crawfish, or Crawdad, or Mud Bug, or Princess Lobster.
  14. nukesubsailor

    Paying cruise ahead of time

    Another thing to consider if paying for cruises with a credit card. It is possible to have a cruise booked whose final payment comes due during the same billing cycle as another cruise payment or some other big bill that you pay with a credit card like home insurance or taxes. If the monthly balance due on your credit card approaches your credit limit, your FICO credit score will be down graded. For that reason, you may want to make partial payments on your cruises so you don't get a high balance due on any single monthly bill. I used to hold on to my money until the last minute. Then last year the economy really improved and I started booking more cruises and cruise tours. Now I need to pay attention to how much is due and when so I can spread out the payments and not take a hit on my credit score or have a hard time paying my credit card bill in full each month. The last thing I want to do is pay interest to a credit card company. I know there are other ways to pay for a cruise than with a credit card but I prefer to use a card for the rewards points that get me a 4% return in the form of a credit card statement credit.
  15. nukesubsailor

    CCL stock OBC and cruiestours

    True. My benefit has shown $100 on each of 3 cruise tours taken or booked.