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  1. Thanks for this thread I just matched the Ambercove waterfall excursion and got $23.10/person in OBC for my cruise.
  2. I have never sailed out of Port Canaveral, what is the earliest flights you would take out of MCO & SFB? There is a flight out of SFB at 10:50 that I'm considering just don't know if this is even possible?? Any advice would be great!
  3. No it does not I have called carnival twice about this and both time was basically told that they could make it a different price because it says "starting at". FTTF just became available for my sailing again and it was priced the $109.99 but once I added it to my cart and when to check out the price was $89.95 so I just repurchased it at the lower price and I will cancel the one that I paid $109.99 for. It's just frustrating that both times I called they seemed to not no why I had to pay more.
  4. I am sailing on the Breeze February, 2020. I purchased FTTF as soon as it was available. My question is I am on a 7 day sailing and I paid $109.99 for it. Has anyone else paid more for the FTTF than what it states on their website? I have called carnival and was told that FTTF just "starts at" $89.95 for 7 day sailings.
  5. We were able to when we cruised on the Vista. FTTF was sold out and it became available right before we sailed and I was only able to purchase 1 (it was sold out when trying to purchase for our 2nd cabin). When we embarked the FTTF was on my husbands room so my son and I fully intended to wait and embark at our scheduled time. When my husband checked in they told him to call me and to get into the FTTF line and we all embarked together. This was at the Port of Miami and we also all debarked together.
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