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  1. P&O have updated their procedures and protocols on their website effective to Dec 31. Pre boarding testing remains. Testing positive will be refused boarding and an FC C will be issued to all in the party. Mask wearing remains and applies to all as before. Social distancing remains and I read it that going ashore is only on organised excursions. It seems that they are correctly continuing with strong anti Covid measures.
  2. As the transatlantic flights are from major airports I should think it's achievable but they will need to have multiple testing stations, and pax reporting for check-in at least 4 hours pre flight.
  3. Surely there is a requirement to report every case in such circumstances, and they will be in the public domain. I think there is a major threat that any outbreak on board a cruise ship, whether crew or pax, and the associated media attention, could cause further pauses in restarts.
  4. Given that several thousand crew from India will be needed for all the restarting ships 2 out of 34 (6%) testing positive after a pre flight PCR test was OK is disturbing. As our local MP, Kevin Foster, has said, it's a threat to the cruise industry if it gets on board.
  5. I wouldn't worry, the cabin has been allocated and you will receive the confirmation email with the number on it. They are processing thousands so it all takes time.
  6. A220 Valetta - Tenerife 16 nights Oct 22 A308 - Canaries Feb 23
  7. Received emails from P&O today confirming our pre registered suites for 2 Azura cruises and have now got the cabin numbers . Very pleased with the result, still can't believe the prices.
  8. If cabin grades are shown as sold out on line in pre registration then you can't access the process. So it doesn't matter what loyalty tier you are in. I'm in the higher tiers and have pre registered for suites on 2 cruises. The only advantage I might gain is I may possibly be advised of my cabin number when the cruises go on sale to the higher tiers, which is obviously before general sale, in which case I may be able to change it then. I don't think for one moment that if I rang them wanting to pre register for cabins that are shown as sold out I would be allowed to.
  9. I see on pre registration you can pick either Early Saver or Select. You are guaranteed to get the grade of cabin when you have paid the 5% deposit as stated in the P&O blurb. P&O allocate the cabin number but if you have booked Select presumably you can change that to any available cabin in that grade. However if you book Early Saver presumably you have to accept what's allocated?
  10. Suites are also now showing as sold out on Azura 6 Oct 2022 16 night repo Malta to Tenerife. P&O took a 5% deposit and have issued a confirmation receipt showing final balance for our suite pre registration. Grade of suite shown but no actual name of number.
  11. Agreed, at those prices they will all be gone in pre registration anyway, so nothing left for the on sale dates.
  12. After receiving the email from P&O decided to have a look out of curiosity (which killed the cat😁) and saw the autumn 16 nighter out of Malta on Azura. Lovely itinerary into the Adriatic and Italy, back to Malta then Majorca, Gib, Lanzarote, and overnight Tenerife to finish. Couldn't believe how good the prices are so have paid a very low deposit to pre register on a suite.
  13. I think crewing the ships is a major problem given the levels of Covid in India, Philippines and eastern Europe. The number of required personnel runs into thousands for the cruise vessels moored up around UK coasts as they are currently manned by skeleton crews. No matter how much testing is done the risk of importing infection and it spreading amongst unvaccinated crew would be high. As no doubt all cases on board would have to be notified to health authorities, and affected voyages terminated, I can't see cruise lines taking that risk given the possible negative press. I really hope the lines have alternative plans.
  14. I read today that Royal Caribbean will require a GP letter or a letter of vaccine appointments as you mention. I suppose if you also have the blue cards giving the vaccine batch that would help. Although not everyone got those I understand. I should imagine P&O will require the same.
  15. For those booking the UK coastal cruises it's worth looking at the thread ' Care with bank account travel insurance '
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