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  1. OK I see that. My point though is that people are making the decision they don't want to go and cancelling before the due date, and thereby surrendering their deposit immediately, rather than just letting the due date pass and letting P&O exercise their entitlement to retain the deposit, or in some cases P&O cancelling the cruise before the due date and offering a refund etc. To me the key word in the T&Cs is entitle. It states that failure to pay the balance shall 'entitle' P&O to retain the deposit rather than in the case of failure to pay the balance
  2. I don't understand why people are cancelling instead of letting the balance due date pass. All you can lose is your deposit as per P&O Booking T&Cs - Contract-para 4, which states if the balance is not paid by the due date P&O are entitled to retain the deposit as a cancellation fee. We let it pass for our Oct cruise and 2 weeks later P&O cancelled. I received an email saying it was now cancelled and offering deposit FCC or refund. I chose refund which I have received, surprisingly quickly compared to the refund for our April cruise.
  3. I think ours may be too, it has been fabulous and we've experienced so many wonderful places over the last 25 years. The 'however ' goes for us as well, perhaps things will return to proper normal eventually...
  4. You have the option of doing nothing. P&O's booking conditions - Contract - section 4 states if the final balance is not paid by the due date P&O are entitled to cancel the booking and retain the deposit as cancellation charges. I did this very recently for the Britannia Transatlantic, and fully expected P&O to act on their entitlement to retain my deposit (also £100), but with the latest pause in operations they have offered FCC or refund, despite it being past the due date. I have opted for refund. If you cancel you will lose your deposit an
  5. I can't see how it can happen but P& O won't say that while a few thousand optimists are each paying several thousand pounds in balances, amounting to a loan of a lot of millions to keep P&O going.
  6. I think it may be earlier. The CLIA has announced a further pause until Nov 1. P&O follow the CLIA, but it may just apply to the US.
  7. The way I read it para 5.2 deals with all the procedures the ship operator should have in place to manage the outbreak, from testing on board, isolation, notification etc etc to disembarkation. Obviously the onus is on the cruise line to ensure all those things are in place and personnel fully trained and practised. In my view its a very comprehensive document but it means a massive commitment on behalf of the cruise lines, and is it achievable given that the number of passengers will have to be significantly lower than normal? Even then if the outbreak is severe the final act, as yo
  8. The procedure is covered in the new document Part 1 section 5 - Response to a Covid19 outbreak.
  9. The new EU document deals with that, and the ship must have appropriate Covid medical facilities, fully trained crew to deal with everything Covid related, sufficient Covid quarantine quarters, and a repatriation plan specifically for Covid infected personnel. Also there must be a Covid reporting system in place in agreement with the planned ports of call, which in the above case would be Southampton, and probably involve Southampton General Hospital.
  10. This latest document (dated July 27th 2020) is incredibly comprehensive, and seems to address every aspect of cruising with Covid 19. To achieve all the training required, and putting all the measures in place on board, in ports, and with associated health authorities is going to take a long time, and with all the social distancing measures for crew and passengers number limitation, together with procedures for dealing with outbreaks I can't see large vessels such as Iona operating. I think P&O should really publish their intentions as this situation is a major game changer for c
  11. I must admit I am wary of TAs from past experience and always try to book direct. The sad thing is that we trust people and they fall short. Still the good thing about a bad experience is that we learn from it!
  12. I see what you are saying but the way I read it is that Clause 38 is to clarify the scale of charges you are liable to pay if you notify them of cancellation after you have paid the balance. If you have not paid the balance but defaulted on the payment date P&O are entitled to retain the deposit as clearly stated in para 4. When you saw the TA you were in default so you lost your deposit as you expected, but nothing more. I feel the TA knew that, but if you went ahead with the failure to pay cancellation as per para 4 they would lose their commission. So they acted as if you were
  13. Sorry Kruzseeka I can't find para 4.5 in P&O's booking t&cs. Is that in the travel agent's t&cs?
  14. I think you were told wrongly. P&O booking terms and conditions - the Contract para 4: No contract shall be made until the deposit (or, where appropriate, the full price) has been paid........Failure to pay the balance by the due date shall entitle P&O Cruises to cancel the booking and retain the deposit by way of a cancellation charge. No way can they chase you for further charges unless you've paid the balance then cancel later, in which case you forfeit the amount stated on their sliding scale.
  15. What's in the glass in your avatar, must be powerful stuff!!!
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