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  1. Thank you, Rosepark, for pointing out that serving bouillabaisse with garlic mayo (although rouille with saffron is not always offered in the south of France, in my experience) is entirely appropriate and very much in line with the traditions of Marseilles. It appears that our friends from Seattle, despite living in one of the most "foodie" cities in the U.S., are at bit at odds with the rest of us Puget Sound foodies who would prefer a proper bouillabaisse with a good garlic mayo rather than spend our time on a cruise munching on Ruffles.
  2. Wow, Wendy!! The Ontario cops are killing people who refuse to wear masks?! Sounds a bit draconian; but if it works with some of those covidiots who eschew masks, that might be the way to go, especially in Wal-Marts. 😜
  3. Wendy - One sort of "Covid Festival" or "Covid Party" that has occurred in our state is an assembly of people who deliberately practice no social distancing or other precautions whatever, in the belief that group exposure will lead more quickly to "herd immunity". In such gatherings, there is a focused emphasis upon (and, unbelievably enough, desire for) contagion. Of course, it appears that these parties are attended primarily by people who cannot read any message on social media that contains words of more than two syllables. Clearly, these people are not likely to among those
  4. As topics regarding any and all aspects of cruising are already included amongst the allowed topics on this board, there is no need for a Watercooler thread to address them. As anyone who has read the thread on SS can easily see, it is a rather peculiar exercise in self-indulgence and boasting about such things as "what's for dinner" or "which expensive auto does one drive". Further, as has been pointed out earlier, the thread is dominated by one poster and his acolytes. Considering the fact that this board often teeters on the brink of similar domination (including by a poster who has appar
  5. I would emphatically vote against the creation of a "Watercooler" thread on this forum, if it is destined to resemble the one on the Silversea board. Although in its very early days, the thread on the SS board was sometimes amusing and interesting, it quickly degenerated into little more than a private forum for one particularly self-involved poster and his "posse". And it has remained so, sadly. Considering the current domination of this Regent board by certain posters, I would suggest that a similarly unfortunate situation would very likely arise here, thereby rendering the Wa
  6. Luckyinpa - While you are correct that multiple points of possible contamination exist, one might suggest that this is also a game of reducing the points of exposure to possible contamination. One point is not equal to a dozen points, after all. Similarly, one possible exposure is not equivalent to unlimited exposures. Therefore, the best that we can do on ships (or any other environment that we don't control) is to make our best effort to minimize the points of exposure. If I am misunderstanding the math here, I welcome your kind elucidation.
  7. While I certainly agree with Corony's indication that the Seabourn-TK deal was an expensive mistake, I will point out that after the initial season of the Napa Burger being offered at the Patio (pool grill) in an inflexible manner, one can now order the Napa Burger as one prefers it, both in terms of which toppings are included and in terms of the degree of doneness. On our last three SB cruises, we have enjoyed the Napa Burger on our terms, which is, of course, as it should be. The absurd arrogance of a celebrity chef dictating to the consumer of his products that a dish may be presented s
  8. Maria - Like you, we hate included excursions and almost never use them, although, like so many of us who are similarly inclined, it is highly annoying to "pay twice" when we arrange our own private excursions. However, I would be enormously surprised if Regent were to abandon this selling strategy, since it very much differentiates Regent from its luxury competition. Those of us who have traveled on Regent for years recognize that the increased fares demanded by Regent include the charges for those excursions that we don't wish to take; but new passengers, particularly those moving from mai
  9. I will admit that I don't know the terms under which crew members join the ships; but I thought that the cruise line took the responsibility for getting the crew members to the ships and then back home at the end of their contracts. Perhaps I am entirely mistaken in that assumption. If indeed it is the cruise line's responsibility to get the crew member home, it is not a serious stretch to suggest that when there are delays in doing so, the cruise line should continue to step up and pay for the crew members' time during the delay in repatriation. Frankly, it is somewhat colonia
  10. HappyFeet & Dusko - Even though I will admit that I was among those who have judged SB harshly for its clear emphasis upon delaying refunds and playing with FCC's in order to deal with cash flow, I very much appreciate your having pointed out that we should also look at priorities in a larger sense. We live an hour north of Seattle and about 45 minutes north of the epicenter of the Covid-19 outbreak in this area. These are indeed not normal times by any measure. I think that HappyFeet's analogy to waiting one's reasonable turn in an ER is quite apt in this matter, particul
  11. Interesting that you keep on hand more than 30 days worth of brass. Wow, do you construct bugles when you're stuck at home? 😛
  12. As I described in my post #12 on the attached thread, sometimes getting flowers via Gifts by Celebrity can be a bit of a challenge. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2718425-suite-flowers-fruit/ Thus, go forward with courage and do not be deterred by what may be a remarkable lack of skill on the part of the X land-based team.
  13. I certainly agree that the offer of a 25% FCC that must be taken on a cruise "that sails in 2020" is an offer of remarkably low value, considering that most of us plan our cruises anywhere from 12-24 months in advance. Further, with all of the cancellations of Asian cruises occurring, the remaining attractive cruises will be much more difficult to book on short notice. Perhaps, upon reflection Regent will recognize that its offer of the FCC is not a worthy offer and will amend it to allow for something like booking in 2020 and sailing in 2020 or 2021. We remain concerned regarding our
  14. TC2 - Welcome back! Your absence from this board has been quite evident and noted. Please give our sincere best wishes to Dennis. I agree heartily with you that the number of casualties involved in this new illness as compared to the enormous numbers of people who die every year from the flu are quite small. I further agree with you that it is quite incomprehensible that so many people refuse to get the flu shot. However, I am confused regarding your reference to a "fly that is likely more deadly", as sleeping sickness from the bite of the tsetse fly is fairly rare outside of
  15. Further, Norm, despite the lamentations of certain posters who wish the old dress code on SB was still in effect, which it most emphatically is not (as pointed out above by Wripro), on Formal Optional evenings the new "jacket with or w/out tie rule" only applies in The Restaurant. The rest of the ship remains Elegant Casual, including The Colonnade and TK Grill. In fact, on our recent 20-day cruise on Sojourn, The Colonnade was quite busy on Formal Optional evenings with pax who did not wish to dress up. On the Formal Optional evening when we had dinner at TK Grill, less than half of the m
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