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  1. Is there a shared ride shuttle to port and do they require reservation,
  2. Do I need to make a reservation for the shuttle?
  3. Greetings, First time cruising out of Tampa. Flying in early same day and want to know if there is a shared shuttle service from airport to port? Thanks
  4. Greetings everyone, This will be my first time cruising out of Tampa. I am flying in early same day and want to know how to get to port from Tampa airport. Is it fairly easy to get a shuttle service to the port or do I need to make a reservation with a service? Thank you
  5. My first time cruising out of Tampa. I will be dropping off car rental at airport. Is there a shared ride shuttle to and from the port, cost and location please. Thanks
  6. Did you know by chance where shared ride shuttles to airport are located?
  7. So here is my story and a few questions that I hope you will be so kind to answer. I have booked a side2side cruise: 5 day out of FLL on Majesty and then on to Miami on the Symphony for the President's Cruise. One reason for the first cruise is to get to Diamond status, I am 3 points away. My first question: On day 3 of my FLL cruise, will I automatically be placed in Diamond status and allowed any perks that come with it or will I have to complete the cruise first. If the latter is the case, will my next cruise reflect my new status. I just need to know if there is a process that just happens or do I need to talk to someone on the Majesty to make sure that I am Diamond when I arrive at Miami port. Second question: I am going to need to get to FLL airport to meet SAS shuttle that will take me to Miami port. What is the most reasonable (cheapest) way to get from FLL port to FLL airport. Also, is there another option that can actually take me from Port to Port? Thank you for your help....
  8. SAS does not pick up at FLL port only FLL airport. I guess I could Uber to airport and go with SAS. Does anyone know what the cost would be to Uber from FLL port to FLL airport FLL port to MIA port.
  9. Ok, so I am going on 2 cruises which I believe is called a side2side. I will be driven to Port Everglades for a 10/28 cruise but I need to figure out the most reasonable way to get to Miami port for my 11/2 cruise. What transportation options from (1) Port Everglades to FLL airport and then to Miami port or (2) FLL port to Mia Port. Please help!
  10. Does NCL offer shuttle from the Airport in Seattle to the port?
  11. Hi everyone, This is my first cruise on the Oasis and I am looking for all of the information that I can find. Is there a "all you want to know" or "oasis tips/info" posts that already exists? There looks like so much to do that I want to make sure I don't miss some of it best. I will be on Oasis Oct. 7th. Thanks
  12. gizmo911


    What is your experience with the wifi service on ship. I have 250 min free but that can go very quick if its slow. Also are there locations near pier that offer free wifi. Thanks
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