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  1. A customer of a travel agent that I know asked if he could get a discount on that cabin. He was serious.
  2. My friend and I are also staying there. I have stayed there once before. There is a nice Mall across the street , and many restaurants. There is also a supermarket in the Mall that sells wine. We are staying 1 night with my Hilton honors ,as we are coming off a tour of Ireland, so flying in that morning from Dublin. I am on your sailing.
  3. There is no word yet on the 8 passengers. Praying for a Miracle. The ship is still there and will skip BC. Not sure how they will do that because its the foreign port. Diane
  4. No, O'Sheehans stays. It's a play on the word Oceans
  5. When I cruised on Celebrity in Feburary, my first Solo cruise since my husband passed away in 2010 I was put on a table with mostly couples and 1 single lady. They were the nicest people and asked me to join them at times. I also met someone on the CC board who was also cruising solo. It turned out to be a really nice relaxing cruise, and I never felt that I was alone. I booked the Ships excursions which I rarely do in the Caribbean as I knew i would be with a group. I didn't want to spend the entire cruise alone, and I didn't. Saturday, I'm flying to Spain on a 15 day Escorted tour. The company I'm going with "cosmos' is part of the Globus family of brands which includes Avalon River Cruises. Cosmos caters to the solo traveler by offering single shares.
  6. I think next time you cruise you should all have passports. I would not cruise without one as you never know. Diane
  7. The Celebrity Suite does not even have a Balcony, so no big deal. Diane in Music City
  8. No, Its not open seating and it was never full on my recent Constellation Cruise. I ate there twice. The first time I met someone who was cruising solo on the Roll Call boards. The second time I did eat alone. Diane in Music City
  9. If you bought Private Trip insurance then the policy can be modified to a different date or cruise, so that would not be lost. Diane in Music City
  10. If you get hurt and need to be airlifted from a foreign port the red tape involved won't be worth it. I would not cruise without one. Diane in Music City
  11. I would not have wanted to get on a bus without a shower. I would have felt filthy. But then again there are people who go days without showering, but thats not me. I don't live in Mobile, but you probably assume Nashville also has nothing. I'm orginally from NY and have traveled all over, and I think Mobile could have handled everyone.
  12. Tampa has the same fog problem. Diane in Music City
  13. That would be wonderful as I can drive there from Nashville Diane G
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