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  1. Happy Thursday everyone, I just want to send out my thanks for this thread and the help from all of the contributors that helped me with my transfer arrangements. I read ALL of the pages and we ended up using Meadway Car Service for our ride from Heathrow to our VRBO down the street from Battersea Power Station and again from the VRBO to Southampton 5 days later. There were 5 of us with lots of luggage and a large walker so they suggested that we order an 8 seat MVP. I did everything via email, and we didn’t pay anything until the ride was completed. We are back from our cruise, and I highly recommend using Meadway Car Service. Our driver was Virgil and he met us at WHSmith in terminal 3. He was fantastic and very nice. He drove us directly to our VRBO, he also loaded and unloaded our luggage. Virgil then picked us up on Saturday and took us to the ship in Southampton. The LHR to our VRBO ride was $103.54 plus tip and VRBO to Ship was $323.73 plus tip. Once we broke it down for 5 people, we felt the per person amount was reasonable as we didn’t have to make any transfers. I would definitely use them again. Thank you again for all the help. Kat
  2. Gumshoe958, Thank you very much for your help. Sorry for the delay in replying. My stupid bank was sold to another one and I’ve spent several days trying to get all of the utility vendors that I have ACH / auto payments with changed over to the new bank. It’s been very trying, I got them all changed but I’ll have to track down my social security payments for April and May as I couldn’t get them changed over in time. Apparently, the bank was thinking more about their schedule and not the social security department’s schedule, SMH. I sent a request to Addison Lee and awaiting an answer. Thank you again for your help. Kat
  3. Hello fellow cruisers, I’ve been trying to read through this whole thread as I was looking for a car service to get us from LHR to the Nine Elms area by the Battlesea Power Station on May 15th and then from there to Southampton on the 20th. Based on all of the comments I read I felt comfortable booking both rides with Meadway. I handled everything via email and didn’t have to pay in advance. I am very impressed with their responsiveness and the quotes I received to take 5 senior ladies with luggage and a large rollator/walker. They booked an 8-seater MPV for the rides. I need advice on one last segment for our time in London. We have a tour scheduled and already paid for on Wednesday May 17th with Evans Evans tour group to Stonehenge and Bath. We have to get from Thessaly House (Nine Elms area) to the Victoria Coach Station to get the bus for our tour. We are supposed to meet at the Welcome desk by gates 1 and 2 at 7:45am (not sure what time to be picked up due to traffic, but I told the ladies it would be really early). Due to the walker/rollator and the tube station locations I don't think the tube will work. Does anyone have any ideas on how or who I should contact to arrange for a ride for the 5 of us to get to and from Victoria Coach Station? I checked with Meadway, but they don’t service that type of trip. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Kathy
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