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  1. We did not get a tally at the end of our cruise, thank goodness! We loved The Northern Lights cruise, you will have a wonderful time.
  2. You can leave clothes in the morning or evening, it is returned a day or 2 later. No limits, no exceptions, it was amazing. It was like having a laundry fairy.
  3. You are booked in the room we will be in on cruise in April 2021. We were in room 8017 a few weeks ago and it was perfection. Quiet, down the hall from the Explorers Lounge...I loved it.
  4. We did a GTY and ended up with a pretty nice upgrade. The cruise ended up being sold out and others did receive move over offers. No one was left on the dock!
  5. We leave in a week for this cruise and so appreciate your reports! Please let us know if you see any sightings of the Northern Lights. Keep enjoying your experiences!
  6. We are staying in 6074 in a little over a week, please tell me the noise is not terrible.
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