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  1. I’ve used Raise for many retailers including Carnival. Delivery is instant. Saves 9.5%. Don’t have to worry about points or shipped gift cards. Works great. The first time you buy they will call you to verify your identity but after that it’s near instant. I’m very pleased.
  2. Getting this error for both of my July cruises out of Florida (Breeze and Paradise): No rates available for the stateroom category and the number of travelers you selected. I wonder if they're blocking cruises for cancellation again, or for reduced capacity?
  3. I rebooked a canceled cruise that cost less than the original. My PVP can't explain the amount getting refunded - just gave me a random number that I can't match to anything. I was still ~$1,200 over with no additional OBC showing. I asked again, oh here's another $200 that will be refunded on a gift card eventually. Okay, where's the rest? She has no idea. Can't explain any of the amounts refunded or why. Can't explain the OBC given or where the number came from. What a mess. Then I get a letter telling me I have penalties for cancelling early (Carnival canceled, not me!). Told to ignore it -
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